Yesterday we were all jealous of Scooter’s ability to live in the moment in the sun (and not feel as if he has to be doing something else of more importance.) Today we can be in awe of a chick’s capacity to fall asleep. On her feet. Regardless of what is going on around her.




I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling sleepy…


  1. Good morning! I am sleepy too! TGIF!! ;)
    Chicks are so cute!
    (How is Buffy doing?)
    Have a great day!

  2. Such a pretty little chick, too. She has passed the gangly teen stage already.

  3. Aw!! I love her!! She is absolutely adorable, I think her name should be Meredith :)

  4. Are you sure your chicks are not piglets in disguise – you filled their feeder last night and it’s almost empty.

    • Yesterday around noon my husband came in and accused me of not feeding or watering the chicks. Everything was empty. And yet I had filled the dispensers up only a few hours earlier.

  5. Ours used to get so sleepy they’d fall asleep and faceplant into the shavings….and sleep there for a while before popping up as if nothing had ever happened. Love it!!

  6. Ha! Adorable! They need to catch Z’s whenever they can because at any minute they can be jumped on, pecked at or tackled by another. lol Watching our babies is a favorite past time in our house right now. They are funny little creatures.

    • That sleepy behavior is not unique to animals. My husband does it all the time.

  7. I love the transition from bright eyed, to “getting sleepy”, to zonked! As always, GREAT pictures! Thanks, Terry!!!!!!

  8. Love how they can be asleep in an instant then on the go again.

    Off topic Terry, can I ask if your bantam leghorn is noisy (loud)? I am thinking of adding a bantam vorwerk and bantam leghorn but have heard leghorns can be loud and I have to think of the neighbours.

    • The three Bantam White Leghorns that I’ve had have been quiet as can be. But there are always exceptions to the rule!

      • Thank you for that, it’s reassuring. I am still trying to make the right decision but am doing so without thinking of the loudness now. It’s tricky trying to get to the best decision for a small flock.

  9. Precious as always. Thanks for sharing. Maybe someday on the who’s who section you could put pics of former hens. Would love to see them. I love looking at them in Tilly Lays an Egg.