Sleeping Like a Baby


It’s so enjoyable to watch week-old chicks running around and then suddenly, mid-step it seems, fall asleep into little piles of fluff.

The chicks are now 3 1/2 weeks old. They are no longer cuddly poufs. They are spiky, eagle-eyed, and gawky. They still take frequent naps, but I’m not sure that it’s so cute.



The Black Stars look like they’re wearing moth-eaten witches’ costumes.

black stars


I must say, though, that I’m jealous of their ability to fall asleep so deeply and wake so rested and ready to go.


  1. I love watching my chicks do what I call “the face plant.” They will be running around, chattering, and all of a sudden they just plop down, plant their face in the pine shavings and fall asleep. So cute! I was watching your chicks yesterday Terry and saw one of them fast asleep with her head propped up on the branch. Did not look very comfortable but clearly she seemed to think she was!

  2. I wonder how itchy they must feel with all those new feathers coming in. Bumping into one another OUCH!

    • It does look uncomfortable. They’re doing a lot of preening. And the dust level in the barn, from the feather shafts being shed, is very high. People should not brood in the kitchen! Ugh!

  3. I love to see them sleeping in the “rubber chicken” pose. That is, on their belly, head stretched forward, legs sprawling behind.

  4. They’re all sleeping right now…so cute! Is that Black Star the one that was down-challenged as a chick? Since she is going for the goth look, her name could be Morticia. :-)