Signs Of Spring

Spring is (finally) here.

The Red Buckeye is in bud.

red buckeye

Red Buckeye

Scilla are in bloom in the front woodland.


The reason that there aren’t more of these flowers is obvious.

mole hole

The first asparagus spear of the season has emerged.


Yesterday I planted the cool season vegetables: lettuce, kale, peas, and carrots. I’m going to buy a packet of radish seeds today.

seeds planted

Chicks are feathering out in the brooder.


Blue Andalusian Chick

The egg basket is full.


Although it’s missing a few eggs. TWO Buff Orpingtons are broody.


(Topaz and Beryl are for sale. $15 for the two. If you have chicks arriving, they’ll take care of them!)


  1. I fear you will be off Buff Orps now. They are truly pretty. Perhaps if you have someone buy them you can keep a couple of extra chicks?

  2. And we have snow flurries, unbelievable.
    I have never had a Buff Orp. go broody, go figure.

  3. I see that your dirt clod has some pretty long greens in it. I’ve been afraid to put clods with long greens in the brooder in fear that the chicks would try to eat them and choke. Can you give me some direction on this Terry? Are my fears unfounded?

    • Not unfounded. This is the first time I gave them such long grass blades. They’re older now, and have lots of grit in their gizzards. Still, that’s it for awhile, I prefer to give them clover and dandelions. I’ll be writing a post about chick treats next week.

  4. I love your pics! I too have asparagus creeping up, and I have never been able to harvest, so am hoping this is the year. The chicks look so funny with their awkward feathers. I have 3 one year old buff orps I just put 12 eggs under one of them yesterday, she has been broody all week. I moved her to my now unused brooder with a whole set of eggs and feed and water. She took to the eggs immediately although not happy about being moved initially. Thanks for the pics and the brooder cam, which I love!

  5. What great weather you are enjoying today. Love watching Buffy dust bathing.

  6. Terry have you thoguht maybe givng Topaz and Beryl to your friend Lauren, because I know she is going to get some chicks to increase her little flock, and that way they could be with Lil’White as companions.

  7. Hi Terry, I truly love my Buff Orps, and I wouldn’t mind two more, even broody ones. If no one has expressed interest yet, I will buy them from you!

  8. I love Spring. I, too, have an asparagus bed, and had my first batch to eat night before last. Yummy!

  9. Not related to the blog but I must say, I enjoy watching the GEMS mill about before the door opens! I wonder what they are saying…. Thank you for sharing Terry!

    • What you probably can’t see because it’s just off camera, is that every morning when I come into the coop, Etheldred leaps up and down, kind of like an ill-mannered dog. Lulu, my late Speckled Sussex did the same thing. It’s extreme eagerness (and thinking about food.)

      • HILARIOUS! What a great greeting for the morning! Thank you for sharing that tidbit with me, you put a huge smile on my face!