Itchy Days

It’s still a chilly and windy 40 degrees F, but the sun is out and springtime is definitely here. I know because the goats are shedding. Pip has a thick and sticky undercoat that is now more like an overcoat.


Lucky for him the Goat Maid has a FURminator.


All of the grooming and attention makes the boys playful. They do like to show off for the Goat Maid.


But, nipping a brother’s ears during shedding season means a mouthful of fur. Yuck!

fur on tongue

Buffy has been itchy, too. You can’t dust bathe in a rabbit hutch. So, yesterday she got some much needed sun and dirt time. The other hens still beat up on her, so she had a spa hour with the goats. They were perfect gentlemen.

Buffy and Caper


  1. Sweet! Glad to hear that you brought some sun from Texas. It looks like everyone, including the Goat Maid, is enjoying it. :-)

  2. Bet it feels good to get some of that fur off. So happy to see Miss Buffy enjoying the warm sun, and the boys looking out for her.

  3. I hope Buffy doesn’t teach them bad bathing habits. Or do they have their own version of rolling around in the dirt?

  4. Poor Goats and Buffy. Glad they are feeling less itchy. Have you had any curious older hens espically with your older hens who have seen and remember how you have added other young chickens seen or heard the chicks yet, and given you the stinkeye to you, your son, or husband on the unwanted additions ? I have heard of one cochin already giving the stinkeye to her owner when she saw the six young 10 week olds that were about to be added to the pen next door to the main flock. Acourse maybe I am overthinking this and only my cat Lilith knows I am at fault for any added young members to our household, as she did two years ago when we got Jesse.
    Also have you thought Terry of looking for those industrial sized brushes you found in Texas, in your area, so that the goats have something to really love to rub against in the spring and fall shedding seasons ?
    Also loved those taxidermied peacocks, were you able to learn any of the history about them, and how old they were ?

  5. i love that the goats had a sweet visitor! buffy must have been so happy to have a dust bath!

  6. I saw Buffy with the boys yesterday and was so happy that she was able to get out and about. She seemed to be taunting the other girls through the fence. You go girl.

  7. With the goats being perfect gentlemen, does that mean the are ready for the GENTLEMEN sign to be added?

  8. Thanks for the picture of Buffy. I love her so much and I miss seeing her.

  9. Glad to see Buffy. Sorry she can’t yet be reintroduced to the other hens. I think she enjoys being in her own hutch though and getting room service. The goats sure enjoyed the brushing and attention. What a beautiful day there in Carlisle.

  10. Exactly what is a furminator–Vacuum, shears? We do not have any fur-bearing pets, only a silly bird so not aware of a furminator. I thought those peacocks were real!!

  11. I just tuned in at 8:58 PM EST and all the little chicks are looking at the shavings. None of them are laying down. They are so funny. Some of them actually look puzzled. :-)

  12. Elaine, The FURminator is the thing Terry is holding in her hand in picture #2. She’s added a link to more info just above that photo. They’re great for getting shedding fur off dogs, cats, and apparently off goats, too!

    The boys look so handsome after their goat maid took such good care of them… Nice goat maid. :) I’m so glad to see Buffy out enjoying a spa day in the sunshine. Bless her little heart. She SO deserves it.

    Welcome back, Terry! We missed you.

  13. I’m so glad to see Buffy!! Having her spa time with the boys is perfect :)

  14. The goats looking great! And Glad to see Buffy had a nice spa day too!! ;))

  15. Boys are so handsome with new hair cuts and Im sure Buffy enjoyed stepping out for a wile. You are the best chicken mom ever! I gave my rooster to a good home on Easter I miss his crow in the morning. I let my four young girls go outside for a wile yesterday and that mean crazy hen of mine attacked them. They were fine at first then I turned my back for a second and she pounced on the poor little things. I hope some day they can live in harmony.

  16. Terry,
    I found something in an old children’s book, called The Book Of The Goat, by Jack Denton Scott. It says Caper is the short form of the French word capriole (taken from the Italian capriola, or leap of a goat), which means- jump, dance, or caper about. It can also mean “wild escapade”! How appropriate! Did you know this, or read this book, when naming Caper?!!!!!

  17. It’s great to see Buffy out and about with the flock today. How did you get her back in?