It was a sunny day and the temperature reached above 50 degrees F. There was a hint of green on the lawn. The chickens were desperate for an outing, and as soon as I let them out, they eagerly downed the green grass blades.

chickens eat grass

After months of not having anything to graze, the goats were also eager for an outing.

goats eat grass

I didn’t let them gorge as they can overdo it and get bellyaches. So, they ate some grass, and then I moved them over for a bit of the water celery coming up at the back of the little pond.

water celery

Notice that the boys are dragging leashes. You’d think that with all of the green around them that they wouldn’t get into trouble. I had to step inside the house for one minute. Just one. I left the boys ankle deep in the water celery happily munching away. When I came out this is what I saw:

The boys were all the way on the other side of the yard. At the raspberry patch. Pip had a mouthful. He declared the buds delicious.

Pip eats raspberries

While Caper was scratching his head on last season’s canes.

Caper and raspberry

Thanks to the leashes, I was able to pull them away before there was too much damage. By the way, that pile of white on the other side of the fence? It’s snow. It makes the grass look all that greener, doesn’t it?


  1. Because of our moderate climate, my Hens get to forage in the yard every day all year long. Since I have only had Chickens since October the learning curb includes just how much damage am I willing to see done to my mature(35 + years) old garden that our family has developed from scratch. Maybe `scratch` is more the girl`s idea of enjoying the garden then mine? I have to say I really do get such enjoyment seeing the garden come to life with the the constant movement of the Hens as the happily forage and find new places to explore with each other. And best of all our dog has turned out to be no threat to them, in fact she has made herself a hole right next to the girl`s dirt bath and we quite often see them basking in the sun, side by side. So there are a few less Tulips etc this year and my paths are an obsticle course of droppings, but so far I am more then happy to share…….

    • Lesley we are the same. Mild temps all year and the hens love roaming the yard. I have learned to minimize damage by limiting free range time and put small metal garden gates around young plants or to put things around the base of new plants. They completely munched all my begonias I planted in pots so I will not plant those again.

  2. I love this kind of weather. It’s pleasant to be outside, but there are still piles of snow in places.

  3. I watch Little Pond more than TV. History Channel needs to do a reality show on this beautiful place and it’s inhabitants. The brother’s are just delightful. I promised my husband I wouldn’t ask for goats. I don’t think I could find two as handsome and winning as Pip and Caper anyway. We got the “Tilly” book and was just astonished how beautiful the pictures were and what a cute story it was. My husband actually sat down with me and read it. He saw how torn I was, because it is a gift to our grandaughter. He knows I want it also. He told me to just order another one or get her something else. We will see. Haven’t made a decision yet.

  4. The boys look dashing in their jaunty leads! Your creations, I take it? Can’t wait to show off your chicks to the NH kids in the morning.

  5. Enjoyed your photos of Pip & Caper and the chickens! We are glad spring is here too! Love watching your little chicks too! They are so cute! Thanks so much for sharing with us. ;)

  6. LOL, little kids! Bet they liked those berrys. Its going to be nice here in north MO. Im excited, my friends are coming to help with my coop building today, I will grill them some food, wishing everyone a great day. :)

  7. What was the brillo looking thing you put with the chicks and what did they do with it?

  8. Those boys, getting into mischief whenever an opportunity presents itself. They are clever little ones. What fun. Glad you are seeing signs of spring.

  9. Well, Terry, you have commented on what good eyesight goats have. :-)

  10. LOL! For once the grass was greener on the right side of the fence!

    The hens and goats are so photogenic. It is very refreshing to see spring arriving and the animals enjoying it.

  11. The little chicks are growing drumsticks and wings. They look taller than they were a week ago. So cute.