Here To There And Back Again

On Thursday, March 28, I left a snow-covered yard and flew to Austin, Texas where the temperature was twice what it was at home (mid-80s!) and there were trees covered in little yellow flower puffs.

yellow tree

They reminded me of the chicks being delivered while I was away. But, I knew that Steve would take good care of them, so I was free to enjoy the blooms, which included the justifiably famous bluebonnets. (Did you know that the Texas Department of Transportation annually sows 15 tons of wildflower seeds over 800,000 acres alongside Texas roadways? Texas is big and beautiful.)


There were butterflies.


It was so hot that turtles were out basking in the sun (I took this photo at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.)


I arrived home in the early hours this morning. It’s windy. The temperature isn’t going to reach above freezing. But, I must have sent some of that Texas weather up here, because most of the snow has melted.


And there is the promise of blossoms pushing up in the front woodland.

daffodil shoots

I’ll fill you in on my trip, and of course do some updates on the chicks, as soon as I catch up on laundry and on sleep!


  1. That nice weather sounds like a wonderful cold weather respite! and the pictures are beautiful.
    I am looking forward to more chick postings. Particularly on ways to keep them active and busy in safe and productive ways, rather then jumping on each other and pecking at poop! What do you think about hanging a carrot into the box for them to peck at? Would this be safe? Can I put a dish of sand into the box yet, or is it too soon? 5 of my chicks were born on 3/24 and 2 of them two days later.

    • Even better, put a small hard winter squash, like a delicata, on the ground in there. Be careful hanging things as chicks can get hung up in rope. Have you given them any grit yet? A dish of sand would be fine. You’ll see what I do soon.

  2. So glad you got to enjoy some of our big state. Texans are pretty proud of it and fly the state flag everywhere. I love your chicks and can see them grow before my eyes. It happens so very fast. Thanks for the chickcam so we can enjoy their tinyness the most.

  3. Last year I bought my disabled husband 3 SLW chicks, our first ever, for a hobby. Unfortunately, he had to have a surgical procedure right after I brought them home. They stayed in the backroom where I spoiled them whilst taking care if him. This year we can both watch together as your baby chicks go from fluff-balls to junior chickens. What a delight as I remember how special last year truely was.

  4. This is the best time of year to visit Texas! Sounds like you had a great time, looking forward to more “show and tell” when you are up to it. Saw a little bit on your Facebook posts.

  5. Do you or any of your followers know what the tree is with the yellow flowers?

    • The foliage looks like a Mimosa tree but the flowers look like dandilions. Very interesting. I wonder if the tree is fragrant and what is attracted to it. Butterfies, bees, ants, hummingbirds? I think Terry will tell us when she wakes up.

      • I’m awake and have no idea (and I didn’t take a nap – came home to well-cared for chicks but an empty fridge, so off to the supermarket I went.)

    • Huisache is the name of the tree. Proper name is Acacia farnesiana. I think it is just lovely too!! Haven’t seen one in SW Va, so probably can’t have them this far north.

  6. What beautiful yellow flower puffs! They look a bit like dandolions. Texas heaven with warm temps, bluebonnets and turtles soaking up the sun. Oh Look! You finally have some bulbs coming up! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing trip. Your biddies are adorable. They were all laying in a big circle around the light earlier today. They looked like a girl scout troop! :-) It is comical how they all do the same thing at the same time.

    • LOL, I just witnessed an encore of the kumbaya performance you described – all of them sleeping around the perimeter of the light (“campfire”) with their little fuzzy butts facing inward. So sweet!

  7. Just looked in on the chicks. They are sleeping in a circle at the edge of the light. They can adjust their warmth by where they sleep. It’s cute. Oh now I read that others saw it too!

  8. Oh my gosh, they are doing it again at 3:16 PM — laying in a circle with their heads facing out and their bottoms facing in. So cute!

  9. What beautiful photos! I’m needing a reminder of what Spring has to offer, I don’t think I can even remember what it felt like to go outside without a jacket.

  10. Glad you’re home safe and sound. It was such a treat to meet you and get Molly’s book signed. Hope you ended up finding some good Texas treasures along 290 :)

  11. Sounds like a wonderful trip, glad to have you home. I love wildflowers, I plant them every year, we have lots of wildflowers here in Mo. Some of my friends don’t like that I plant them because of the bees, I plant them anyway, love all the butterfly’s and hummingbirds they attract.

  12. I am amazed daily at how rapidly the chicks grow. WOW! They are so much bigger than when they arrived. Hopefully my sister will be doing this next year. I plan on helping her. Thanks, again, for Chickcam!

  13. Terry,

    Glad you made it home safe and sound. It was great meeting you at the Funky Chicken Coop Tour. We had a great time touring, hope you did too. Luckily you left before we had our big storms on Tuesday afternoon/evening. Lots of rain and hail – but we certainly need the moisture. Hope you decide to return next year. I’m looking forward to watching the chicks.

  14. So these little fellas are in the barn ( no drafts) surrounded by cardboard, but no top ( I’m going by the picture you posted before they came) with just the heat lamp for warmth, right? Can I ask what temp they are reading on a cold day like today? I have only ever used light bulbs for heat for my chicks. But this time, they are going outside to the small coop a lot sooner than last year. Would love it if you could talk a bit about regulating the temperature in one of your posts. Glad you had a nice trip and got to experience the beauty of Spring in Texas.

  15. P.S Oh and pasty butt. Do you have experience with that? I was lucky to avoid it last time because I only had 4 but this time with 16, I feel it will be inevitable. My brother lost one that way, so I want to be well prepared. I’ve read how to care for them when it happens…but wondered if you’ve had experience with it.

  16. Love watching the chicks! I just wanted to remind everyone to never use teflon coated light bulbs near poultry. The fumes given off by the bulb are toxic.