Chicks Are Here!

We were expecting our chicks to arrive on Monday. However this morning the US Postal Service distribution center called and asked would we like to pick up our chicks today? Why yes of course! Steve and Jacob drove to Shrewsbury.


There were several chick orders.


The worker said chicks have been coming every day. “And bees will be coming soon.” Jacob took our order.


We could hear the chicks cheeping noisily and clambering about.


Almost there!


Twenty-six chicks! All alive and healthy.


Each one is given a drink.


Welcome home!


UPDATE: I am out of town until Tuesday, with sloooow internet service. I’ll post more info after I get home.


  1. The chick cam is a treasure! They look so healthy. How often do you have to change the towel?

  2. Wow they all survived. So who wants to take a bet that the extra 26th chick is an Easter Egger, and will end up being fake Opal Jr and is a boy ? I definitely will be looking for a pretty colorful Easter Egger chick come July/August charging around bossing the others, and once again Terry will have to rehome another unwanted rooster.
    Bees, that I would be worried about in the mail warehouse, with them getting lose through a tear or whole, or being knocked over.

    • My mistake: glad to know the extra one is a confirmed girl. Still hoping all nonsexlink chicks are girls as well

  3. This is just a joy to watch Terry. Thankyou so much. I look forward to watching their development over the next few months, they are just adorable xxxx

  4. I’ve managed to forget what breeds you ordered, but they’re really cute, and they certainly brightened my mood. Thank you for putting up the camera so we can see them. It made an otherwise vile day, spent fighting with a research paper, cheerful. ;)

  5. What an exciting way to spend the holiday. Seeing the chicks reminds me of my childhood when we got yellow chicks for Easter each year. ( When we were done they all went to an uncle’s farm.) I look forward to logging in every morning to see what’s happening! How fun! :-)

  6. How cute they are!! New “Fuzzy Butts” are so exciting and a perfect Easter Day Surprise :-)
    We use several layers of paper towels under our little ones for the first week or two, put them over the top of the wood chip bedding. Once they are getting around well, we remove the toweling. We pull off a layer as it’s soiled and change them all once or twice a day. It’s worked really well for us.
    Enjoy your little ones, they grown faster than our kids!!

  7. LOL. Pip and Caper are out in the yard butting heads. They must know they’re being upstaged by the chicks!

  8. They don’t know it yet, but those 26 just hit the chicken equivalent of megabucks. Lucky, lucky chicks.

  9. Yeah! There’s Buffy! Oh, these little chicks are adorable. AndI love that I can see them in the evenings due to their heat lamp. It’ll be so much fun to watch them grow. :)

    • Exactly! I was entranced by them all evening. What a treat — thank you!

  10. My faith in the USPS has been restored! They actaully CALLED YOU on a Sunday to tell you the chicks were in!

    • Not just on Sunday, but EASTER Sunday! Maybe you’ll have to give these chicks a bunch of Biblical women’s names. (I’m not so much into the Bible personally, but it does have some good names.)

      • Oh, and it was just Passover, so Old Testament names qualify too, and there are so many good ones. Are you keeping all 26 of these chicks?

  11. This is great news! I am so excited for you and the chicks. They are such cute little fur balls. I can’t wait for your return. However, I hope you are enjoying your trip in Texas.

  12. Welcome to Little Pond Farm baby chickies! Terry, they look so adorable!

  13. It’s so cute to see the chicks still most of them asleep after such a non stop active day yesterday!

  14. Gosh, I’ve been going back looking over past blogs and it’s just depressing finding out the hencam has been going on for such a long time and I’ve missed it. Should have started my chickens ten years ago after the little hen (henny) blew in from a storm and stayed with us for a couple of months. This site has everything: hencam recipes, entertainment, animal love, children stories, (especially loved little story of Hannah Rose), weather, dinosaur chickens, etc…….. But most important is chicken care. This site is priceless. Thanks Little Pond for giving so much pleasure and education to me and all the others out there tuning in.The babies are sweet and entertaining. Much success to you and your family.

  15. The chicks are adorable and what a handsome young man Jacob is!

  16. What a handsome family! Looks like you have some happy, healthy babies. Thanks for sharing, HenCam makes my day! How will you name them all!

  17. Brooder lamp appears to have gone out and babies are looking like they are getting chilled.

    • Thanks for your concern! The heat lamp is fine. Steve tells me the camera is struggling to adjust to the bright sunlight coming in the window. He’s adjusted the camera for a better view.

  18. Terry do you ever get tired of people noticing things? Don’t answer that. You know we care so much it is hard not to tell you every thing we see.

  19. Their is.nothing cuter than chicks, I know you don’t celebrate Easter, but its kind of funny thay arrived on. Well i n what is the commercial view of Easter

  20. The chick cam is my happy place. I ordered my chicks last week. 16 of them for me to raise until they are feathered, then some will be going off to my Dad’s and my brothers. How nice am I to do all the work, right? ;) I will be keeping 1 buff rock, 1 jersey giant, 1 partridge rock and a RIR. I look forward to watching your little ones grow!

  21. P.S. my favorite thing….baby chick power naps. their little heads just hit the towel and then a half a minute later they get up and flit around. <3

  22. Actually I should say thier is nothing cuter than a chick sleeping.

  23. A wonderful scene!!!! We’re really enjoying them – seem to get stronger as we watch. Terry, we note that the light is white – is that a white heat lamp?