Goat Bellies

This is what happens when you take goats out on leashes and hand-graze them on the lawn for thirty minutes. Just look at those bellies!


It takes an afternoon of cud-chewing and relaxing to digest what’s in those round tummies.

Caper did manage to heft himself up for a scratch under his chin.


Goat smiles were accompanied by goat burps. It was a very good goat day.


  1. I LOVE those goat boys! What a great way to trim down the lawn!

  2. Wow, can’t believe they are four years old. But they do like to bloom out and then in. I wonder how if Caper and Pip’s mother and father are still alive and if so how many great grandparents they are by know.

  3. Those little bellies do puff out quick! Since I am new to raising goats, at first I feared mine had the bloat that I had read about!l I like seeing the 8 wk. pics, and how big they are at 4 yr. It helps to have a better idea of how big ours will get! Have you tried the licorice smelling and flavored goat snacks. It is a pellet, and is safe to feed. Mine like it!

    • My goats are very big for “minis” – hopefully yours won’t be as “big-boned” :) Those goat treats are Goat Manna. My goats love them, too.

  4. Awwww every time I see a blog you have posted it always puts a smile on my face :)

  5. Certainly no one around here looks like that. Do they? Well, wait. Maybe I’ll reconsider that comment. :)