Go, Lily!

The other day a visitor walked across the lawn.

heron by cherry

The Great Blue Heron is a strikingly interesting bird.

heron on grass

The heron has come to eat the fish and frogs in the Little Pond. Lily won’t allow that. As elegant as the Great Blue Heron is on it’s tall legs, it is awkward as it lifts off into the sky to fly.

heron standing

So, I give the heron a head start before I release Lily.



Steve did some measuring and computations. Lily was running at 20 MPH.

Go, Lily!

Good-bye heron!

heron leaving


  1. We have several Great Blue Herons in the beaver pond behind our house. I have seen as many as four at a time! Three flew over in formation yesterday on their way to the pond. The chickens were not sure what those great, giant pterodactyl-looking things were! Good Lily to keep yours from eating from your little pond.

  2. Do you rent out Lily – my son could use her to protect the critters in his pond. What a great dog! Is she part greyhound?

    • I’m told she’s a Decker Giant – a very large Rat Terrier. But, she’s from a rescue so the parentage is unknown.

      • She is really stretching out in the first picture. What a dog!

  3. We live on a hamlet so we see them often… we have an old school house here that has been converted to a home, the other day, we drove by and I happen to be looking up, I made my partnr Rob turn around and stop in front of it, thier were 7 hawks on the roof, I think a pai made a nest and hatch eggs in the pergola or old bell tower Im not sure what it is, this old school house is 1000 ft from my house give or take…. thankfully we have a grat big maple that stands a cople hundred feet tall in the neighbors yard half of it hangs over our yard so it disrupts the view and landing zone.

  4. What kind of ‘notice’ do you give the Heron before giving Lily the ‘go girl’ command? I have sure enjoyed watching the chicks outside. Are the Senior Gals with the goats?

    • Watching them in the Hencam Yard shows how much they have grown I think!

  5. We don’t have a dog at our house, but I do have a pretty good watch parrot who screamed to high heaven when a great blue heron was perched atop our koi pond! I had never heard him scream like that. Kind of like a “bloody murder” scream.
    Unfortunately our koi have since been decimated during the night by a raccoon family, but I appreciated that parrot’s vigilance.

  6. The Might Quinn tries to chase the Blue Heron’s that insist on visiting our pond…and our goldfish in said pond. The trouble is the heron always sees him coming. Of course it might have a lot to do with the inordinate amount of noise he makes once he hears the words ‘get the ….’ :)