1. I think I can hear him trilling like the chickens do when they are that happy.

  2. Scooter is just so cute, every time I see him in a post he makes me smile.

    • Me, too, which means I get to smile all day. We’re lucky to have him. He came from a rescue based in Vermont, so he’s lucky to have us, too!

  3. Scooter is a cutie-pa-tootie! He’s lucky to have found you! Beautiful sunny days makes us all happy! Love scooter’s smile! :-D

  4. What an adorable photo! Does Lily like to sun bathe also? We are actually having Spring temperatures for a change. The sunshine feels so good!

  5. Scooter is thinking, “Maybe I’ll be invited to the Gems’ birthday party today so I can have some of their birthday treats!”

  6. Great picture! We went from freezing overnight temperatures and frost, to sunny 70’s, in the last 24 hr.! Today is a beautiful day in the Ozarks! I am smiling too, Scooter!

  7. The button nose! Nobody mentioned the cute button nose!

  8. Off subject, Terry, I just looked in on the “chicks” and I’m beginning to think you switch them out for bigger ones each night!

  9. OMG! He’s So ADORABLE! I wish I could have him as my pet! I’m definitely saving this pic!

  10. That would be a great January 2014 calendar picture!!! ;)

    • Actually, Tracy, he doesn’t have much going on in that little brain. Half of it is “scratch my butt,” there’s a bit that says “feed me meat,” another bit that says “annoy Lily” and the rest of his brain is filled with “nap in sun.” Hmm, I think that Yoda would approve!

  11. Scooter has a very dapper goatee! Quite distinguished. Love him.

  12. This is pretty much exactly what I look like on a beautiful sunny day.