Tulips and Snow

I keep a garden diary. I mark the date of first frost. I keep track of when the first green crocus leaves push out of the ground. In years past, that happened today. But, right now there’s an icy 5-inch crust of snow in my front yard. Somewhere, deep in the earth, are plants waiting for their moment. When it does come, springtime is going to be intense, crowded and colorful.

Steve bought me tulips. A consolation prize for an impatient gardener. They’re glowing orange in a vase on my desk. The white snow in the background sets them off nicely, don’t you think?

tulips in window


  1. Good Morning on a gorgeous Palm Sunday. Although the ground hog predicted a short winter it seems the weather is actually quite the opposite. In fact, TWS estimates cold temperatures in the east for the rest of March and into early April. At least it was as dry this winter as in years past. I like the color of the tulips. It’s very bright and cheery.

  2. Thank you Terry for that pretty splash of spring color! We are having a Thunder-snow! Here in MO, and thank you for allowing me to sleep last night! I was worried for nothing, the little girls are fine and happier than ever in the larger living space.

  3. And we here in San Fran area have been nearly bone dry and cloudless for far too long. Spring has finished for the most part. Daffodils and other bulbs a memory. Now it’s bee swarm collection season. Two in the last couple of weeks. Many keepers here anticipating harvest in just a few weeks. The hens love this weather. Wanting to know when dad will finally put in the vegetables so they can tear everything up and make Dad sigh.

  4. Here in Bakersfield Ca. it’s going to be 81 today. My garden is almost all planted and warmer weather is around the corner. I’m a lover of snow, lived in Denver area for a few years, and in the Tehachapi Mountains, which doesn’t get much snow, and loved every minute of it. The picture of your tulips is beautiful against the snow background. Love your blog and I’m anxiously waiting to see the new chicks.