This & That

There’s a lot going on here!

I’ve got a number of events coming up. Here’s a few highlights: On Tuesday I’ll be at the Dover-Sherborn High School, giving a Backyard Chicken Keeping Class. You don’t have to be a resident, so if you’re nearby, sign up! On Saturday I’ll be at the Concord Library with a chicken for a storytime. Drop in! At the end of March I’ll be in AUSTIN, Texas and hope to meet some of you there. For those in the Boston city area, I’ll be giving an Urban Chicken Keeping talk in Somerville in April,

I’ve scheduled two Chicken Keeping Classes here at my home. April 27 and June 8. Class size is limited, and these programs always sell out, so make your plans now. For a current and detailed list of all of my programs, and links for signing up, see my Upcoming Events page.


Chicken Keeping Workshop at Little Pond Farm

Just for fun, I’ve added a product in my store. A tote made from the Purina bag. Only four available (until I buy more chicken feed!)


But, I have plenty of Vintage Chicken Photographs: 30 Postcards in stock.

ChickenPostcardBook Cover

Meanwhile, it might not look it outside, but spring is coming, as is my order of 25 chicks. They’re arriving April 1. I know that you’re eager to hear my plans for them. The blanket of snow on the ground, and the weasel problem, has altered what I thought I’d do. I won’t be using broody hens, but instead will install a heat lamp. They’ll be in a brooder in the Little Barn. However, there will be a ChickCam. Details as soon as I’ve worked them out!

Along with chicks, I’d like to have get a rabbit this spring. Even with all of my chickens, it seems empty out there without one. There’s a rabbit show in May that’s not too far away. I’ve penciled it into my calendar. Who knows what I’ll come home with.

On other news, my publisher has informed me that the egg cookbook will not be published until 2014. I had no say in this, and of course, it’s frustrating. They might release the ebook this year. I’ll keep you informed.

What else? Yesterday I collected 9 eggs from the 12 Gems. This bounty coincides with a luncheon being planned for our small town’s library staff. One dish on the menu will be my deviled eggs.


  1. Just ordered the tote bag…too adorable! Best of luck with all your “this and that”…you sure sound busy.

  2. I adore deviled eggs. I’ve been known to trample perfectly wonderful little old ladies on my way to the buffet table. In light of the news that you are going to be providing deviled eggs for the library staff’s luncheon, I would like to bring your attention to the following ideas. They sure brought a giggle to my face. :-) They are all from (my all time favorite of the bunch!) (kinda creepy in a cute way :-) )

    I hope you feel inspired! :-)

    • Sure wish it was Concord, Ca!! Look forward to the new chicks and your bunny!…

      SHELLEY..Those eggs are so cute..never seen such original ideas!

      • Thank-you for posting these great Devilled egg ideas, Shelley! I can hardly wait to make these next week when the Grandkids all are here visiting.

  3. Good job on the tote bag,Terry! I ordered your book,”Tillie”, on Amazon. Loved the deviled egg pictures,Shelley!

  4. May I suggest that you take a serious look at the english lop rabbits. They are personable, loving and easily trained. They are hardier than they appear. Also, you might want to check into flemish giant rabbits. As the name suggests they can get quite large, can be trained and come in several colors. My all time favorite is french lops. They are a good size, have great personalities, very healthy and come in a variety of solid colors as well as “broken”—white and whatever color.
    as is the case with all rabbits a neutered buck is the best pet. Not at all terratorial, and if raised from a baby can be quite affectioate.
    Good luck in your search, I too feel that the chicken yard is missing something with out a rabbit.

    • Lops are sweeties. Candy was a lop. But, she had frequent ear issues (drying out and fungal) because they dragged on the ground. Also, in order to regulate body temp, it helps if the bun can move her ears around. So, this time around I’ll be getting a bunny with upright ears.

      • Good luck Terry, I hope you are able to find a rabbit that suits your lifestyle. I don’t know if it would be better to get a young rabbit or an older rabbit. Acourse Candy was over a year when she met the hens. I think any retired show or pet quality rabbit, or even a unusual New Zealand meat rabbit that someone is trying to sell, or a retired breeder rabbit will find your hen house a good place to live out their years. Though I know you won’t be getting one, let me know if you see any rare Belgian Hares, and if they look as gogerous as greyhounds as they do on the computer screen.

  5. Love the bag! But can we talk feed for a minute? I have tried a couple of different pellet feeds but have never tried the Layena. Do you use this exclusively Terry? Can you educate us on the benefits? Thanks so much!

  6. What a great idea, I love your handmade bag! Go green and it holds more than reg. size bags. When I was a child Mama use to sew our clothes for school, I remember one year she made us all book bags out of feed sacks, we were happy to have them because books became heavy as the walk was a long one. I like yours better, its water proof..

  7. Very cute tote bag. Don’t you feel so good when you come up with such a clever idea?

    • I’m not the first to come up with this. You’ll find a bunch of variations on The pattern that I use is something that I found in a Japanese bag craft book. So, lots of influences on the bag that I make :)

  8. Maybe I’ll see you in Austin. I live here and I’m gonna bet you are coming for our funky chicken coop tour! I’ll be touring the coops as well. Have a great visit to our wonderful town!

  9. The layena bag is so cute! I wish I could craft/sew. Not my forte. But I love cooking, gardening and chicken keeping.

  10. I’m impressed that the chicken pellets come in such cool bags. I LOVE my tote bag. It’s the hit of Whole Foods!

    • Not all feed companies have such great graphics. Purina does have a really cute chick feed bag. Can’t wait to buy that!

  11. Hi Terry! Can’t wait for my bags to arrive!! Friends and I always swap books, containers from lunch exchanges, sewing projects, etc. and the bags will be perfect for these transfers: there will be no doubt where the contents of the chicken bag belong, since they know that “chickens say Judy” even if she can’t have real ones in DC. Glad to hear you are thinking of getting another bunny; I did notice in the days after Candy’s demise that the goat boys did occasionally wander over to the corner of their enclosure and look about rather hopefully for their old pal. Or was that my imagination? By the way, I made the chili cornbread from your Thousand Lowfat Recipes cookbook yesterday and it was pronounced yummy by one and all (including me). Bravo!

    • Your bags are in the mail, and it makes me happy to think of them on the streets of the Capitol. You weren’t imagining it – the goat boys were looking for Candy.

  12. OH! The CHICKEN BAG as we call it in my house is AMAZING! Whenever we head out the door my husband yells…”Do you need the CHICKEN BAG!!!????” I throw EVERYTHING in there that does not fit in my purse. We went to a wedding and my daughter says..”Are you bringing the CHICKEN BAG? I need to put my STUFF in there!” If you don’t have one..get one..I can’t believe how durable it is! Thank you Terry!

  13. My chicken bag arrived Thursday & I just love it! Thanks again for the bag & the magnet Terry. Happy St. Patty’s Day.