Lily’s New Bed

Lily turns ten next month, and although she’s still capable of running down a squirrel, she has her aches and pains. I’ve noticed that she’s resting differently, with her legs stretched out instead of curled in, and she’s shifting positions in her sleep. Lily was no longer fitting comfortably on the dog bed in her favorite spot by my office window. So, I made her a larger one.

The only problem is, Scooter thinks that it’s his bed. Scooter has his own bed. It’s the smaller blue one.


LIly’s goal in life is to be a GOOD DOG. So, although she can face down foxes and wild turkeys, she took one look at Scooter and sadly went to a spot under the desk. This is her “calm down, you’re barking too much” place.


I, however, have no problem telling Scooter to get off of Lily’s bed. Lily is thankful.


Lily on bed


  1. I have made my three resue dogs each their own beds, which they switched almost immediately LOL I love the material you used, what did you use for batting?

  2. Dogs are so funny – they love the creature comforts just like us! I have three dogs, a labradoodle (a rescue), a mini golden doodle and a pomeranian (another rescue). My pomeranian loves to take my labradoodle’s bed if he can sneak on, and then my 70 lbs labradoodle will walk away and plop himself onto the 8 lbs pomeranian’s tiny little bed. So funny.

  3. When my rottie got older, he preferred a more firmer (yet soft) bed on which to place his achy bones because it was harder for him to balance on those orthopedic, thick mattresses. I think when my boston ages, I’ll get a gel pad & put sheepskin on it although, she prefers to cuddle under the covers-spoilt much? You bet!

  4. One of our dogs needs that extra support too, so I bought new ortho beds for the dogs a while ago. Zach loves his and spends a good part of the day laying in front of the sliding door watching his world. That way, he knows if something needs his attention or if his sissy can handle it.

  5. My Doberman had a big bed like scooter’s and she would come to me with sad eyes and whine because the cat was sleeping in the middle of her bed! So cute but sadly they are both gone now.

  6. Awww Lily, you deserve that bed. After all, you do clean up Scooter’s toys in addition to your watch dog duties! Enjoy your new bed Lily!

  7. Yes. GOOD dog, Lily! Does Lily have arthritis? Glucosamine capsules helped my 14-year old kitty, Jasper quite a lot.

  8. What would we do without our canine friends? Even we goats like them. Ours anyway. :) I can’t say we like the neighbor’s dogs all that well, but then they aren’t *ours*. :)

  9. Maybe Lilly should see her veterinarian and have some metecam prescribed. It is a non steroidal anti inflammatory like ibuprofen for us, but this is much better. She will feel like a young pup again. My husbands a vet and I’m a pet nurse. We have seen old dogs that can barely walk, start running and feeling like a pup again. It really helps with pain from arthritis, or just inflammation due to other causes. Just a suggestion.
    Love the pics of all the kids and the stories.