A Loud Goat

Twelve million people have watched the video “Goats Screaming Like People.”

Caper does NOT know what the fuss is about. First of all, some of those “goats” are sheep. Who wants to watch bleating sheep?

Secondly, those  goats and sheep are on nice dry ground. Some of them even have grass underfoot. Whereas Caper is stuck in his paddock. In New England. Where it snowed AGAIN. The snow is up to his pizzle (that’s a real word for a boy body part. Look it up.)

Caper thinks that twelve million people should listen to his pleas for help. Or at least tell the Goat Maid to give him more hay. Hay would help.


  1. Poor Caper! It’s not good to have a snowy pizzle!! :-)

  2. Thanks for the video Terry. We here at this home love to watch your goat boys! Pip is so cute standing on his spool, then Caper, ever so vocal Caper. I’ve caught him when it looks like he is perhaps talking to you from a distance. It’s nice to put an adult bleat to that face!

    • Caper is always watching for me. He’s got great vision and knows when I’m inside in the kitchen! (He watches the window.) He’s yelling in this video because I’m going back into the house. Steve filmed it.

  3. Another wonderful video. Caper is darling and I’m glad he’s such a talker or you’d have two very quiet boys. I don’t think I’ve heard Pip utter a maaa yet. He was quietly standing on the log watching his chatty brother. I like the close-up of Caper as he puts his face through the gate. I’m going to watch this video over and over especially when I’ve had a rough day. It puts a smile on my face.

  4. He’s saying hhhhhhhaaaaaaaaayyyyyy mom were tired of all this cold wet white stuff get it out of here and we out of hay too!

  5. Yes! But he has a stump! This is the obvious mark of intelligence which means that simply EVERYONE ought to listen to what he has to say. :)

  6. I have to admit I didn’t know what sound a goat made. Is it an insult to say it’s kind of similar to sheep. I think it’s adorable when Caper puts his nose through the fence / gate. As always so cute!

  7. He’s trying to convince you you should all winter in Florida.

  8. LOL-!!! And that smaller, distant “a-a-a-a-ah!” of Pip responding…the Sounds of HenCam!

  9. I’d love to pat that little nose coming through the fence. Such handsome boys.

  10. Oh I love these boys! Thanks so much for sharing them. All your tribe give us such joy!!

  11. I think they are pretty restrained in their bleating considering they have snow up to their bare` pizzles`…Another new word to enjoy….You are a never ending source of valuable information, Terry…Love it!

  12. LOVED, LOVED this video. Really had me smiling. I think I knew goats made those sounds, but I never translated it to Pip and Caper. Amazing, amusing, and endearing.