1. Very nice! I see what you mean. Looks very cozy, they’ll love it. Can’t wait to see them and what kind you bought. Monday will be a very special day. You’ve set me up as well. All I have left to buy is the pine shavings and saw them at TractorSupply this week for five bucks. Not sure who the man is doing work around Little Pond but if that is your husband, what a man!!!!! Supports his wife even if she’s not at home. He has it already…..Hope you are having a good time in Austin.

  2. What an operation…..looks great. Special Delivery on its way.

    • The small black box thing is a handheld thermometer. Steve is checking the temperature to make sure it is right for the chicks.

  3. Looking forward to living vicariously through your chicks. I would love to get more this year but don’t have enough room.

  4. Poor Siouxsie looked like she was having some mobility challenges today. I am confident that Buffy was gracious enough not to smirk.

  5. Ok Terry I have to say my first thought was…send me those towels they look better than the ones I have for myself. ;-)
    Couldn’t have a better set up.
    Looking forward to seeing what you chose and why if you actually had a specific reason.

  6. Terry will you tell me again what kind of camera/camcorder you use to take your pictures. I need to photo document something and do not have a clue what to buy. I know somebody else asked you this a while back and I didn’t pay attention. :-( Thanks for your help.

  7. The babies are in!!!! Omg I thought they were coming tomorrow. Glad I checked in. Ohhh, how adorable. What cuties. Congrats, Little Pond.

  8. Did the chicks arrive early? I see you watering baby chicks at 12:15 pm Sunday..

    • yes their in!!!! I saw them add the first one to the broody and teach it to drink. So exciting. God truely did bless me on Easter…..

  9. Are there really 25? They move around so fast I can’t count them!

  10. They are here early. The black sex link chicks look like barred rock chicks. I know with the Gem’s batch, two were dead on arrival. Did all them survive intact ?

  11. They are so adorable! I am amazed at how quickly they move, they are a lively bunch. I too found it impossible to count them so will take your word for it that there are twenty six. This is so exciting!

  12. What a sweet surprise and marvelous gift on this Easter Day !
    Looking forward to follow every step of their growth ! Thanks so much for sharing !

  13. Yay, I look forward to seeing the chicks on the cam! What types did you get?

  14. Just looked at the precious little ones this morning, they seem to have already grown !!!
    Seems like they are happy in their new home !