What Goats Do On Snow Days

It’s snowing. Again. The boys know what to do.


A HenCam regular sent me this screen shot of Pip, sleeping standing up, his head resting on his brother’s side.

Pip sleeping


Trust me, there’s some snoring and burping going on, too.


  1. The snow is beautiful! I hope your new bunny digs it as much as Candy. Have you selected a breed?

      • Well, of course you’ll fall in love! Can’t wait to find out the who the lucky bunny is!

  2. I love when my doe, Bella, gets a wild hair & goes off half-cocked, barreling sideways whilst bucking like a wanna-be rodeo queen. Meanwhile, my mare is watching, mouth agape, wondering who brought the lil “texas twister” to the show.

    • I’d like to see that. Alas, my boys are rather *ahem* stout and they don’t buck. Head butting, yes, and some rearing up, but that’s about it.