Blizzard Time Lapse Video

Steve had the brilliant idea of setting up a camera and doing a time-lapse of the Great Blizzard of 2013. We truly lucked out, as the snow came down soft, light and dry. We didn’t lose power. The animals were safe and snug in their barns. We do, however, have a lot of shoveling to do!

Look carefully at the beginning and you’ll see the hens going inside just as the snow starts to fall.

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The video starts at 3am Friday February 8, and ends 11am Saturday February 9. Images were taken at 2 minute intervals and play back at 30 frames per second.


  1. Wow! That’s awesome! One time there was a blizzard in PA and we had about 28 inches at my house! It was crazy!

  2. Wonderful! It’s amazing to see how the snowfall changes. I love how it piles up so gently around the barn. And it’s a hoot to see all the hens heading indoors!

  3. I’ve been enjoying your cam for about a year now as I currently have 9 hens since 2011 . I get concerned when the temp hovers around 0 Last winter was mild and so far this winter we haven’t had more than 2 inches of snow and only a couple days near 0.
    Viewing this video brought back memories of blizzards we used to get quite often. What is the time frame of your video? I’m guessing Thurs afternoon to Sat?

  4. You have an excellent IT guy there! Thank you for sharing Terry and Steve.

  5. Thanks to you and Steve for sharing that….brilliant idea. Well tonight we are expecting a meagre 2 inches of snow and I expect that will cause chaos as usual here in Essex. Hope you are keeping snug and warm, the chooks and boys seem happy enough xxx

  6. Thanks for sharing the storm with us. It’s been a long time since we saw snow! I watched the snow build up yesterday every couple of hours via the cams-was cool to watch. Keep safe and keep the animals warm. Thanks again

  7. we’re under roughly a foot of snow here -this is s.w.wisc..- and ice expected on top of that today. but never since i left illinois to go live in wi in the country so i could enjoy snow in the winter – never! – have we ever gotten two or three feet of it as you have. you do have to admit, it is pretty.
    but only good to see when you know your animals are all taken care of.glad to know yours are. thanks for the info.

  8. Love this. Thank you so much for showing it. Those of us from Texas dont’t get to see things like this very often.

  9. Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed it. I watched it several times.
    Did I see flashes of lightning? Thunder snow?
    I only experienced that once, 1982. We got over 2 feet and the cmetro area was paralyzed for days.

    • Not thunder snow this time (which I’ve see – very cool) but just our neighbors turning their lights on and off. Those yellow buildings in the back are their house and pool shed.

      • Beg to differ ~ ~ I was awakened about 1AM Saturday with 3 huge flashes of lightning ~ ~ very yellow and eerie. Power just restored (10AM Sunday ~ 20mi south of Boston). Thank you, Terry and Steve for this lively time-lapse video.

  10. Awesome footage. I have shown everyone here at work this morning, that is really cool. Thank you.

  11. Kewl! What a great idea — big shout of thanks to Steve. Now to get our own snow shoveling up to your speed! Hilarious, watching the path to the barn appear instantaneously and mysteriously, and the hens zipping under cover. Loved this. Remembering the year our backyard almost filled up with snow over a period of 3 days. I wish we had video of that. Glad to hear you are ok, have power and are snug and cozy.

  12. Love your husband’s video.I have watched several times. Love your blog,hens, goats, fish………someday I will have a couple of hens. Thank you for starting my day.

  13. Watched it several times…we do not get much snow here in the Portland/Beaverton area…..would love to site thru a blizzard and watch…drinking hot cocoa and watching time go by. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Wow. That is really cool. You guys are amazing. I so enjoy seeing the chickens and goats on the Hen Cam and sure do miss Candy. And I’m SO excited that we are finally chicken parents ourselves!! I can already see why they are so addictive! :D Cheryl at

  15. Great work! Very nice idea to place cameras around and watch your live stock. Enjoying watching your hens as well, have a pic at your birds just about daily.
    I’m the bird keeper, mostly hobbi and learned from your site many-many things. Thank you!
    Regarding the snow – we usually get teh same amount few times per season, so kind a use to and sometimes i take showeling as an exercises:)