A Blizzard Morning

The snow continues to fall. There’s already two feet on the ground, with drifts upwards of three feet. Last night, Scooter asked to go out to do his business and the wind was blowing so hard that he couldn’t, tucked his tail between his legs, and ran back indoors.

Early this morning, Steve went out to shovel a path for the dogs. Lily took one look around, didn’t even step off of the porch, and asked to come in. Scooter remained on the couch, with eyes squeezed shut, willing the storm away.

Lily at door

Steve kept shoveling.

steve shoveling


  1. That is an awful lot of snow! Glad you had put so much effort into preparations – you might be staying inside for a while now! Take care of one another.

  2. My dane ran out and flew in. my st. bernard was looking for his brandy keg lol. Dug a path to the girls, someone dropped an egg already so guess they are ok. Gonna drink a ppt of coffee and go back out and look for the car lol. Got power so could be a lot worse.

  3. we only have knee deep snow in coldwater ontario,hope the girls are fine …and the goats too ….haahaa

  4. Lily! Great photo, is that her paw on the door! She REALLY wanted back in! Good that Steve is home! Good to see that you are all safe and that you still have power for the time being!

  5. Astonished that your power has held; keeping my fingers crossed for you at Little Pond.

  6. Glad you still have power and are doing well. I saw the goaties inside their barn and they looked cozy.

  7. So glad all are safe. What a wonderland. I think Scooter has the right idea.

  8. It’s sure looks “purty”.

    Hope your power STAYS on and hope Steve paces himself with the shovelling!

  9. As the song goes “I remember it well…” How fortunate that you still have power. A report I heard yesterday while waiting for new tires to be installed likened the approaching storm to the blizzard of ’78. I finally commented to the woman next to me that I remembered that storm. She looked at me in total disbelief. “Really?” Conversation over. She would never believe that I stood on snowshoes with the tips resting on the surface of a deck that was normally 3-4 feet above the ground and that a Siamese cat followed in my tracks as I prowled through the woods near the house. But we had no power for almost a week. “I remember it well…”

  10. Great to see all the animals are comfy and safe. Great job! Looks like about the same amount of snow as us in Southern Maine. Portland hit a record 29.3″ , so far! Happy shoveling!

  11. Good to see you and your family & pets are ok during this snow storm. We enjoy viewing your web cams! Thank you so much for sharing! ;)

  12. Oh My! I couldn’t wait to see the “cams” this morning! the one cam was completely covered with snow until I checked it about an hour later. All the animals were eating away–without cares– and it was exciting for us to see here…we live in Florida! Stay warm…and kept all of the creatures warm and safe at your little farm! And thanks for sharing the experience with us!!!!

  13. Tell him to be careful! There are always warnings thr men have a lot of heart attacks from shoveling. It is now my 14 yr old’s job…

  14. Glad to see that you are all OK. The chickies in the barncam don’t seem to be moving, they are hudled together staring at the can.

  15. When I looked in on the BarnCam I got a great view of Pearl’s white fluffy behind. On the GoatCam was a close up of Pip’s white flank. Everything looks like snow today. Maybe Steve can have a snowblower for Valentine’s Day? That is a long way to shovel. Glad your power held. Ours did, too, so no complaints. Take care.

  16. Great pictures, couldn’t wait to see how you guys were doing. Glad to see you still have electric. Hang in there.

  17. WOW!!!!. I think a snow blower would be on my wish list.
    Terry and Steve stay safe, warm and dry.
    Hopefully in the not to distant future it will be all but a memory.

  18. First thing I did this morning was dig a path out to my girls. Happy to report that the girls are OK. Also dug out paths for my chihuahua and out to my birdfeeders. What we will do for our dear pets and wild friends! :)

  19. Loved your idea of stuffing the suet feeder with fresh greens to keep the girls amused and out of trouble while they are confined to the coop. At first, none of them would approach the strange new object hanging in the coop. Finally, little Abby, my youngest Domonique began pecking and the it was safe for everyone to give it a try.
    Chickens are so much fun to observe,especially when something new is introduced into theirr environment. Stay warm.