A Surprise Winter Egg

The hens housed in the small barn are retired. Buffy is ailing. Twinkydink and Edwina are ancient. Siouxsie is only four, but is a ditzy, unproductive Polish, who, for the last few months, has gone through bouts of labored, gasping, breathing. Betsy has worked hard in her day, visiting hundred of school children. She’s now six years old and deserves her quiet time.

I haven’t found an egg in the little barn for many months. In fact, the last was laid there on August 13. So, it was with some surprise yesterday, when I saw this:

nesting box egg

Who left this prize?

egg in hand

It was Siouxsie! She’s the only hen in the flock that lays long white eggs.

Not that she cares or remembers.


Anyway, thanks, Siouxsie!

Egg laying always picks up in February. I’m seeing more eggs from the Gems. Nonetheless, I’m not expecting many more eggs from the little barn, but who knows? Look who’s been checking out the nesting boxes.



  1. Woo hoo Siouxsie! Next you are going to post that Buffy hopped up there and laid an egg in life 9.5! Take care up there with the pending Nor’easter and blizzard heading your way.

  2. Yes Siouxsie has no clue what she did. Polish kind of remind me of some of Lucy’s antics in the I Love Lucy Show, just plain silliness.
    I think Lucy would be great name for a Polish if I ever got another one, but no plans for that here.

  3. Congrats to siouxsie. Never a dul moment. I know my girls will be traumatized with coming storm. Figure ill be out there clearing hourly, lol. Excited though, love a good storm, stay safe everyone!

  4. I saw her sitting in the nest box as well, and wondered if she was busy in there, or just wanting some “alone” time. I think this surprise egg is Siouxie’s way of thanking you for all you do for her and her flockmates. Such a sweet girl.

  5. I have seen a few of my 4-year-olds sitting on the nests the past week or so. I don’t know if they’re laying or just thinking about it since all my hens live together. But production is up and fortunately I have a new “customer” who loves eggs and is happy to take as many as we have to give:-)

  6. I saw her going into the nesting box, too. She doesn’t know she’s old! Good for her.

  7. Terry! I hope you have everything tucked in? We have been hearing about a big blizzard coming your way!

  8. Terry, how many winter eggs did you get from your Gems their first winter?

      • I should count myself very lucky then…we got 288 eggs from our 6 Barred Rocks and 6 Buff Orpingtons in January! I was wondering if that was typical.

        • When did yours hatch? They might have been a month or two older than mine. Regardless, you’re doing a lot right to get January numbers like that!

  9. Nice looking egg! This winter one of my pullets has laid a long narrow egg a couple of times. I love to look at weather underground and see how much longer tomorrow will be. February now is boasting 2+ minutes longer days. Hooray for longer days and happier, more active hens!

  10. Will the gems accept the “old girls” when you move them to their barn?

    • They know each other from free-ranging and they no longer have even the slightest of tiffs. Buffy is too old to be moved, but in all honesty, I don’t think she’ll still be here then.

      • I think you may be right: today she did not look well at all, and when I checked just now, all the old girls have taken their positions on their roost, except Buffy. She’s still over in the corner by the waterer. :-(

  11. What a pleasant surprise! I guess we should never write off an “old girl” !Batten down those hatches and God Bless all the humans and animals in this next dance with Mother Nature!

  12. Awww, Buffy girl. Terry, sending wishes to you and those at Little Pond Farm that the storm will not be too hard on you! Stay safe!

  13. Our nearly 5 year old pet, Ernie, gave us an egg yesterday. She also is the only one who lays white eggs and we’ve not had one since summer. The 17 others, all hatched around May 1, 2012, have been laying pretty well, about 3 months into laying now. They were at 67% ROL for January, effectively the 2nd month of laying.

  14. Did you get another egg yesterday? Siouxsie was in the nest boxes for quite awhile.

  15. Way to go Siouxsie!

    Most of my chicken just started laying and I think that the nearly white long pointy eggs are from my Polish, BonBon. Maybe the shape is characteristic of Polish, I don’t know, but somehow it just fit that those would be her eggs.