Happy Birthday, Scooter!

Wake up, Scooter, it’s your sixth birthday!

Scooter in blankie

That’s a good stretch.


Let’s take your birthday portrait.

Stop making faces.

making faces

Fine. I guess this will do.


Yes, you can go back to bed now.


  1. Scooter reminds me so much of a dog I loved as a child – I adore his little bowed legs! Happy birthday, Scooter!

  2. In my next life I want to come back as Scooter and live in your house.

  3. OK…I am all alone at my desk and laughing outloud! Thank you so much for the giggle. Happy Birthday Sweet Scooter! As my neighbor’s mother always says…”So Stinkin’ Cute!”

  4. Happy 6th Birthday, Scooter. I’m older than you are (six) but much younger that you are in doggy years :-). When you’re done with that soft blankie, may I have it?

  5. Happy Birthday Scooter!! Love your prtraits, enjoy a nice long nap!!

  6. Happy Birthday Scooter!!! I hope you will be getting a yummy birthday cake today. Your Mom is quite the chef you know.

  7. Very cute little doggie! I have 3 myself and love them all!

    On another matter – help! I need some advice from Terry or anyone else that has ideas. My chicken Goldie has been in “sick bay (dog crate)” in my mud room since last Friday afternoon. I won’t go into all the details, but she is doing very well and I tried putting her back into the coop a few minutes ago. Two of the hens went right for her – circling around and then pecking at her head. I took her back out as I have to go to work and can’t supervise. Right now she is back in the crate squawking her head off – poor thing wants to go back home.

    Has anyone else handled a situation like this? Should I try to sneak her in tonight when the other hens are sleeping? I don’t know what to do at this point. I have spent hours healing her which was stressful for her and I don’t want her now injured or killed by the other chickens. I was surprised by this behavior as she has only been gone for about 4 days.

    • Bringing a hen back into a flock after a separation is never easy. 4 days is enough to totally change flock dynamics. If she remains unwell, or if she looks different because of her illness (for example, a darker comb) then the hens will treat her as a newcomer on the bottom. Even if they recognize her there will still be pecking. If the pecking isn’t severe, don’t worry about it. It will settle out. I have a FAQ about pecking order and another on mixing flocks that should be helpful.

  8. Can you put the crate inside the coop so they can see her? Or some kind of cage inside the coop? That usually works for me and then after a day or so I just open the door and they kind of go..”Oh, it’s you”..Were they attacking her or just doing the pecking order thing? Any thougths, Terry?

  9. Terry, thank you so much for my book of chicken postcards and your little something extra. I LOVE chickens. Unfortunately, I live in an area which does not allow even backyard hens so I have to vicariously live with chickens through your web-site.

  10. Happy Birthday Scooter!

    I absolutely love how his front feet point outward :) Adorable!