A Sad Day

Yesterday afternoon Candy looked fine, she had spent the day as always, visiting with the hens, talking to the goats, sprawling on the snow, and basically lording it over the backyard animal community. I brought her a carrot, which she ate. But, at bedtime she did not eat her banana chips. Something was very wrong. We brought her inside to keep an eye on her, but there was nothing more to be done. She died peacefully early this morning.

Candy at one

Candy, at the age of one.

Candy was such a vibrant personality that, day to day, it was hard to remember how very old she was. Intellectually, I had expected that at some point this year that she would succumb to old age. But, it still came as a heart-wrenching surprise. In a way I’m grateful that it happened as it did, quickly and without suffering.

In the summer of 2004, I took my seven year-old son to the local pet store to get him a rabbit. His beloved bunny, Spot, had recently died and he was bereft. Spot had been a house bunny, or, more specifically, my son’s bedroom bunny. Spot didn’t like anyone other than his boy. My son has a way with rabbits. At the pet store, there were a dozen young bunnies to choose from. I picked up a sweet, cuddly spotted one. My son wasn’t interested. He pointed to Candy and said, “that one.” I picked up Candy. She was clearly annoyed. I said, “I don’t think so. This one is not going to be easy.” He said, “I want that one.” And so Candy came home with us.

She spent a year in my son’s bedroom, and then we thought to put her outside with the chickens. Candy immediately became the Empress of the Barnyard. My vet visited a couple of years ago and said that Candy was the happiest and healthiest rabbit he had ever seen (and he loves rabbits).

Candy was demanding. Heaven forbid that I was late to let her out of her hutch in the morning! She’d ring her bell and make a ruckus. Candy had rules. Hens were not allowed in her hutch (unless invited in). She was to be fed two (not one) banana chips at bedtime. On dreary days she got to sit in the sand-filled dust bath in the coop, not the hens. And yet, she had this centered, calm, zen-like personality. The chickens would be squawking and carrying-on around her, and she’d be sitting statue-still, as if meditating. I think she was.

Candy would have been nine years old this March. She was a very old bunny. She had a very good life. She will be greatly missed.

It will warm up enough to bury her under the peach tree today.

I will get another rabbit, when and what breed I don’t know yet. Today I’m just thinking of Candy. I expect that a lot of you will be as sad as I am to say good-bye to her. I welcome your comments and memories, but you’ll understand that I’m not up to responding. I have barn chores to do today, which is good, as that’s where I need to be when I’m sad. But, I’ll miss Candy’s supervision.


  1. My deepest sympathy, Terry. I saw your husband fussing with Candy in the hutch last evening. Please take comfort in the knowledge that she enjoyed a wonderful bunny life.

  2. So very very sorry to hear this news. She was indeed a very old bunny, and she had a wonderful life with you (and the chickens). She will be missed by so many of us.

  3. Oh Terry, I am so sorry to hear of Candy’s passing. I have enjoyed reading about her adventures on the blog. I know what a special girl she was to you, your family and the chickens and I know how much she brought to your daily activities. I will be thinking of you today, with you in spirit, every step of the way. Take care my friend.~~Melissa

  4. Oh, a very sad day indeed. Seeing Candy’s hutch closed was a hint something was very wrong. I, as I am sure all your followers, will miss seeing her scamper around and lord over the dust bin. Goodbye Miss Candy. Hugs across the miles to you.

  5. I’ve had many a beloved bunny and am familiar with the sadness that the loss of one can bring. You and yours are in my thoughts today. Good bye, Candy.

  6. So very sad. My condolences to your family and animals. Candy will be very missed.

  7. I’m glad I got a chance to see Candy in person when my husband and I came to one of your chicken-keeping workshops last spring. My daughter will be sad to hear the news; she enjoyed watching Candy on your HenCam. So sorry to hear the news.

  8. Terry, I am so sorry. I know how much you love all your animals. Candy was a hoot. She was such a wonderful addition to your blogs. I know you (and all her friends in the barnyard) will miss her. I am thinking of you. While I am not certain anymore if people actually make it to Heaven, I am certain all the animals do. And they will have exactly the right amount of banana chips there.

  9. Oh dear. The flock has lost their Empress. What a beautiful life Candy had. And she never knew she was a star! …or perhaps she did know….

  10. As you are, I am crying this morning for dear Candy. As soon as I saw her hutch closed and none of her usual hopping back and forth this morning despite the chickens running about, I felt something was terribly wrong and have been waiting in dread for the news. I am grateful for all the calm and joy she as the inquistive Empress allowed me over the years and especially thankful I had a happy last image of her enjoying the snow yesterday afternoon before I ran off to a 1:30 class. Oh, the barnyard will not be the same without her. She was an original. Rest in peace, dear Candy, under the peach tree! My deepest sympathy to you, Terry.

  11. So sorry to hear about Candy – she will be much missed – must be the bunny with the biggest fan club! She had a lovely life and brought joy and fun to so many.

  12. It is so sad to see the hutch closed up. I am so sorry that Candy has passed, but I was glad that she was in your care when she did.

    I hope the little white hen won’t be too lonely – they seemed to be friends.

  13. Candy was always the one I went to whenever I needed a little cheering or gentle entertainment– thank you, Terry, for sharing her with all of us. She will really be missed and is leaving a little empty spot in my heart. I am thinking of you and your family; I know this will be a difficult time. I like thinking of Candy tucked in under your pretty peach tree surrounded by everyone and everything she loved.

  14. I am so sorry to hear about Candy. She had such a lovely puss on her! I will miss hearing stories about her. I am glad that her passing was not prolonged. I will miss seeing her lovely bunny expressions.

  15. What a good choice your son made.
    It’s plain to see she was good for you,
    and all of you, for her. It’s such a joy to
    *know* animals who distinguish themselves
    with their personalities, and traits… Candy was
    special. Rest in peace, Candy.

  16. Dear Terry, So sorry for your loss – and ours – Candy was such a sweet, mellow presence on the hencam. Your chicken keeping and lovely barnyard animals are such a gift – Thank you for sharing your Real life with us, even the heartache and loss are a gift shared – reminders of all that we hold dear. Your sorrow is shared

  17. Awwwwww…. I’m so sorry! She was a love and I’ve watched her many days hopping around with the chickies!!

  18. I am so sorry for your loss, but you must be comforted by the knowledge that she lead such a wonderful bunny life. She will be missed, by all who liked seeing her on your cam. xo

  19. Sorry to hear this Terry – Candy was a big personality and I’ll miss her on the web cam greatly. She was one lucky bunny to be chosen that day!

  20. So very sad for you all. Surely all good bunnies go to heaven (hopefully welcomed by some familiar chicken friends).

  21. Terry, so sorry for the loss of Candy, I have tears as I type this. You have prepared us for this day for a while but still it is so hard. As I type this I look at my cat, who I have mentioned before, I expect to wake up and find him asleep for a final time. He is not in pain or acting strange, but he is old and getting so thin. My thoughts are with you.

  22. Terry, my heart is breaking right along with yours. What a wonderful bunny she was and I did so enjoy watching her antics on the hencam. I bet God had a blue dish pan and a group of hens waiting for her when she hopped through the entrance to the Father’s House. Animals do go to heaven and so do people.

  23. Oh Terry, so sorry to read this. But Candy was a spectacularly wonderful bunny!

    When I was very young, I too had a bunny called Spot :-) the successor to Bobby and Bunty. I loved my bunnies very much, I should think you son too, feels sad today; but what a wonderful life Candy had.


  24. Oh, Candy, you will be missed. You were the light of my day, sitting in the sunshine of your hutch. We all love you.

  25. Oh that’s so sad. I have been watching and waiting for Candy to be let out and your notice of her passing has just come up here in uk. I was marvelling at her yesterday running around and seemingly in the best of health. This is such a shock and I am so sorry for your loss. She had a wonderful life with you Terry, we will all miss her antics terribly..

  26. I’m so sorry! Candy was so special and I can only imagine how you are feeling. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  27. Sad sad news….we all loved her so much too and the chicken yard will not be same. Glad she went so peacefully and my thoughts will be with you as you transition into life without Candy.

  28. I’m so sorry to hear about Candy passing. I always enjoyed seeing her. We just got a bunny recently and they are special creatures.

  29. Im so sorry to hear this news Terry. Candy wll be dearly missed. I know how hard it is to loose an animal. Lets hope she is now in bunny heaven bossing all the other’s around. Lots of love Denise from the UK.

  30. I am so sorry to hear about Candy, I loved the way she ruled the chickens and goats! She will be missed.

  31. i just found out about hencam and i just wnted to see candy but i just heard she died today a few hours ago i am sorry

  32. So sorry to hear about Candy!! She was an awesome bunny and we loved seeing pictures of her and reading of her antics!! She had a very good life with your family. We hope to some day be set up for bunnies. There way too many living their whole lives at the pet shelter here.

  33. Terry, we are sad for your loss.
    We also have a very old bunny here – I think she may be ten and often I have felt it was her time but she is still with us. They get into your heart.

  34. Terry, Steve and sons so sorry to hear of Candys passing. Animals can bring such joy to our lives but leave such a big hole in our heart when we lose them. It is a comfort when they pass quickly without suffering but the pain of losing them quickly can also be more difficult. Even though I have my own chickens I still like watching your girls and that includes Candy everyday. I loved reading about Candys antics and seeing all the pictures especially of her grimacing expression. Just last week she made me chuckle as I watched her sitting in the dust bath. She will truely be missed.

  35. I am so sorry for your loss. My family and I lovex watching her and the chickens.

  36. So sorry for your loss. Everyone should have a ‘Candy’ in their life…thanks so much for sharing her! Hugs.

  37. Though I live far from you, I could enjoy every day watching Candy on your webcams. I love lop-eared rabbits and could tell that she had a wonderful personality. It’s hard to imagine falling in love with someone’s bunny who you’ve never met, but I did. She was sometimes the only joy in my day. Thank you for taking such good care of her till the end. I am truly sad for you.

  38. What shocking news! I’m so sorry for your loss. Candy was the “icing on the cake” when I treated myself to a few moments on the HenCam site.

  39. I am so sorry for your loss. I commented to my office mates about Candy’s morning activities as often as I commented about the hen’s. We will all miss her. Best regards.

  40. I am so sad this morning to hear this news. A tear fell immediately upon reading the title of your post with sweet Candy’s picture below it. I can only imagine how you are feeling. I am so sorry for your loss. She will be missed. She always put a smile on my face when she would mingle with the girls or allow the little white hen to spend time with her in her hutch. I am sure the girls will miss her presence too. She was such a sweet bunny…and a very lucky one to live out a full and happy life. RIP Candy.

  41. Oh Terry..I am so sad. She was a wonderful part of the HenCam and will be greatly missed. I will be thinking of you today. I am so happy she had a wonderful life at Little Pond Farm. I feel like I lost a bunny too….Hugs….

  42. Oh that’s awful, I’m so sorry for your loss.
    I’ve been watching Candy come out of her hutch every morning Monday thru Friday for the last year. She was a part of my daily routine and I will truely miss her.

  43. Oh, no. Not Candy. She did live a wonderful life. I do love the photos of her in the hens dust bathing box with the hens standing around her. I’m sending a big virtual hug across the country to you.

  44. A sad day, indeed. Rest in peace, Your Royal Highness. Take care, Terry and Family.

  45. Terry.
    Soo sorry to hear about Candy. I have also shed some tears. She will live on in our memmories.
    Thank you for having shared her life with all of us! RIP Candy

  46. Dear Terry & family, I am soooo sorry for your loss. I had a huge lump in my throat reading your blog this morning. When the time comes, you should bring your son along when you get another bunny. He certainly picked the right bunny for your household. Big hug!

  47. I’m so sorry. I wondered why Candy’s hutch wasn’t open this morning. Hugs to all of you.

  48. What sad news. It will never be what it was like without it. I’m really upset.

  49. Candy will be missed- she always will have a place in my heart!

  50. Oh Terry, my heart breaks for you. This is so sad…. I was heading into the gym when I saw the FB post on my phone with the little photo and I started saying, “no no no” and burst into tears before I even read the blog entry. She had the best life and entertained so many around the world through this site. I will miss seeing her in the nesting boxes, running around, blocking the coop doorway and reading about her on the blog. She will be missed by so many…. Really glad for her (& you) that she went peacefully & did not suffer.

    All best wishes to you through this tough time,
    xx Jen

  51. I am so sorry to hear about Candy’s passing. She was the Empress of the Hen house. I am sure in her next life she will come back you to somehow.

  52. Oh Terry, I am so sorry. Candy was a beautiful bunny. My Curly and Momo were 8 and 7 when they passed. It is a big loss, because they are sweet little souls. You were lucky to have her and she was blessed to have you and your flock.

  53. Nine years ago your son chose the perfect bunny for Little Pond Farm and family. I know when you all are ready he will do just as well. Candy will be missed but not forgotten by all of her fans. ‘Tis a sad day for you, your family, friends and flock,Terry.

  54. I watched Candy yesterday and saw that she was tucked it. I am so sad that she is gone. I just loved seeing her everyday. I have the Hencam calendar so I will look at her photo daily. I know that you feel as I do. She was a wonderful part of the family and the hencam family as well. You gave her a wonderful home and she was so very happy and healthy because of it.

  55. Just watched the two of you – in a long view that stretched from Phoenix, Arizona, past the sad closed hutch and the goat pen to the field beyond – lay her to rest.

    Good night, sweet and sour Candy. You were a funny old bird, er, rabbit. You will be missed by many.

  56. My sympathy to you and your family. Yesterday I saw Candy go down her ramp when you opened it up, then, oddly, shortly after just went back up and sat looking out. She had been in the hen’s dust bath recently, which I had not seen before. I know the goats will be looking for her in the corner of the pen in the evening when the hens are bedded down. I will miss her. We all will.

  57. I am so sorry Terry and family
    Candy – one small bunny that brought happiness, joy and smiles to many, many people.

  58. Oh I’m so sorry. I saw her everyday this week on the cam. She had a wonderful life and will be greatly missed, even by those of us who only viewed her everyday…..my heart hurts…

  59. I will miss her too. I was enjoying watching her just yesterday. So sad it was the last time. I’m very glad you will eventually get another bunny, but there will never be another Candy.

  60. I am so sorry to hear about Candy! She was part of my morning ritual when I got up–check my messages and watch the animals for a while. As a teacher, I rec’d this site to all my little guys to watch and learn about farm animals and to observe the weather and environment which they live in, as well (since we are in Florida). Candy will be missed by your family as well as mine and my students. She did, however, have a wonderful life!

  61. ii’m with you. thinking of you, hurting with you and knowing that this is life. it ends.it hurts. it tears, we live it anyway

    we’ll manage. and keep in touch

  62. I’m really sorry to hear of your loss. Candy must have been one of the luckiest rabbits to have such a wonderful time on this planet with you and her chook friends!

  63. I chocked up when I read about Candy. I enjoyed seeing her on your cam. She did live a good life long life, but it still is never easy when they leave us.

    I’m glad to read that you will get another rabbit. Maybe you will get two?

    My deepest sympathies on your loss

  64. So saddened by the news. Miss Candy got her wings. My heart goes out to you and your family.

  65. I’m so sorry. I loved watching Candy rule the coop on bleak days. She was a great rabbit.

  66. Terry, I am so shocked and so sorry. She had a great life with you though and cheered so many.

    I usually read all the comments before I make one myself but I have only just checked your blog and there are 69 comments already so for once I am commenting first and will go back and read them afterwards.

    I know we will all be saying the same thing though. Candy was a very special bunny and made so many people smile at her queenly antics. I am just glad that although quick, she or you didn’t suffer. I know that we are thinking of you right now.

    Go spend time with your chooks and the goat boys and Scooter and lilly and try not to be too sad, Candy had the best life a bunny could have.

  67. Oh, I’m spoof sorry! I loved watching her with the chickens. Very sad day:(

  68. This brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry for your loss, not just of a pet but a beloved family member. Her mischievous antics always brought me smiles. Goodbye, Candy and godspeed.

  69. I am sorry to hear about Candy’s passing!! She had a wonderful life with you!!

  70. Oh no….I am so sorry. After seeing Candy in with your chickens about 18 months ago, we decided to add a rabbit to our chicken pen. We have enjoyed him so much and get so many comments from people surprised to see them together. I will miss Candy.

  71. I’m so sad. My heart goes out to you and your family. Its so hard to lose someone so dear and a part of so many of our lives, too. She was a joy so hard to lose. Hang in there, Terry. The pain of losing is equivalent to the joy.

  72. Sorry for your loss Terry, such sad news, certainly be missed, Candy always brightened up my dull days as she did for all the Hencam viewers. I can see bunny heaven being a mischevious place now…thanks for the memories Candy :o)

  73. I am very sorry for your loss. I’m also quite moved by the messages here. Candy touched so many lives. Such an awesome life for a small creature.

  74. Saddened by the news Terry. I for one and lots of Hencam regulars will sorely miss Candy, she brightened up many a dark day for me on this side of the pond. I reckon bunny heaven will be a lively place tonight. Thanks for the memories Candy…..

  75. Very sorry to hear, Terry. We know that Candy was much loved by very many people for her whole long life. We’ll miss her – she was a darling bunnie.

  76. Ci mancherai tantissimo Candy, ti guardavamo tutti i giorni..
    (We’ll miss you very much, not a day passed without staring you)
    From Torino, Italy.

  77. A sad day indeed. I will miss seeing Candy sitting in her dust bath throne with her ladies in waiting around her. While on vacation in Hawaii, I would stay up late to see everybody wake up and there was Candy ringing her bell, calling her servants. Such a character. Rest in peace, Empress Candy.

  78. Candy was one popular bunny as can be seen here by the out-pouring of love sent your way! I hope you find solace by this just as us blog followers find comfort and joy thanks to your sharing `a chicken keeper`s life`.

  79. Seeing the closed door on Candy’s house breaks my heart.
    But, I guess God’s creatures are only on loan to us, just like any of our loved ones.
    Blessings to you Terry. Take care of yourself and your family.

  80. I’m so sad hearing this news. My heart is with you today. I am so so sorry.

  81. I am so sorry Terry, my thoughts are with you, we will all miss Candy. One of the toughest and yet most wonderful thing about blogging and reading others blogs is the bond we readers feel with the writers (and vice versa to some extent). So sad to hear of animals passing, but so wonderful to be part of your farm life.
    Thank you as always for sharing.

  82. I am so sorry for your loss. I am so sad to hear about Candy. You and your family (chickens and goats included) gave her a wonderful life! I am thankful for are the wonderful stories you posted about her. She will be missed greatly.

    Rest In Peace Candy, Queen of the chickens.

  83. I’m very sorry for your loss, and I feel honored to have met her at one of your workshops over the summer.
    Thinking of you.

  84. My heart just sank when I read Candy had passed. She was precious and I will miss her as well. Rest in peace, Queen Candy.

  85. Rest in peace sweet little cam bunny. You were the star and will be missed greatly by us humans. She lived a wonderful life with her chicken and goat friends.

  86. Sounds like she had a very happy bunny life. Pets really sneak into your heart.

  87. I am so sorry Terry, I know how much your heart will ache, I lost my bunny Sweetpea one year ago yesterday, she looked a whole lot like Candy. Her paw print will be on your heart forever.

  88. Oh, I’m so sorry. I loved watching Candy, I always looks for her, first. Everyone will join you in missing her.

  89. I do believe my heart is a little broken this evening. I can only imagine how badly you must all feel right now. Candy was indeed, the star of the yard. Just yesterday morning I spent several minutes laughing as she raced around outside and then watched as she ran into the coop and held court over those hens. I do love the goats and chickens – but I adored that rabbit. I will miss her very much. I shall light a wee candle for her this evening in her memory. Thinking of you.

  90. Such a loss…she was the most delightful little scamp. My 1st graders enjoyed her antics & squealed with delight when she would go inside the coop. Many happy memories of her vivacious personality!

  91. Terry, I’m so sorry. She was a good age and obviously had a wonderful life with you. She was the Grand Dame of Hencam, and will be sorely missed.

  92. Oh, I am so very sorry for your loss. :( I loved seeing Candy basking in the sun in her hutch.

  93. A beautiul life well-lived! I feel lucky to have met her in person last April at one of your chicken keeping workshops. Isn’t it amazing how much our animal friends affect our emotions? A few days ago we rejoiced with you when it was Scooter’s birthday, and today we are all so heart-broken for the loss of Candy. It’s so hard when they go, but I wouldn’t trade the time together for anything. Perhaps some day you will write a children’s book featuring Candy the bunny? I know my kids at school would love it! Rest in peace Miss Candy…

  94. Oh, Terry…I am so very, very sorry. Candy really was one of a kind bunny, wasn’t she? Thank you for sharing her with all of us…we loved her, too.

  95. This is very sad news. Candy was such a special personality and had her own style. She will be greatly missed, but remembered all over the world.

  96. A beautiful life well-lived! I feel so lucky to have met Candy in person last April at one of your chicken-keeping workshops. Isn’t it amazing how our strongly our animal friends can affect our emotions? Just a few days ago we rejoiced with you on Scooter’s birthday, and today we are so heart-broken to learn of Candy’s passing. I hope that perhaps one day you will write a children’s book featuring Candy. And while I origionally found your site to learn about chickens(which I did and still do), it was your posts and pictures of Candy that always made me chuckle. She certainly was a character! Rest in peace dear, sweet Candy….

  97. What a sad day. Candy will be greatly missed. I loved hearing stories about her that revealed her character. She sure was one special bunny.

  98. I’ve been on vacation for the past 6 days and had not checked in until today. So sad to read about Candy. Our hearts are with you and your family on this sad day.

  99. thank you for sharing terri. since reading your blog i have wanted to add a bunny to my family because of the posts with candy. such a great loss but she lived long and healthy thanks to the care of your family. take care.

  100. Thinking of you and your loss. Hoping you will have peace and always have wonderful memories of her.

  101. I wanted to say thank you for your generosity in sharing your life and your animals. I am sitting in the heat of an Australian summer and watch Candy in her domain and the goat twins peering from their door. It is a great gift to share the lives of other species and to share that across the world. Candy was obviously a remarkable being, and was fortunate to find her way from the pet store to your home and our lives. I wish you well.

  102. Terry, I will miss the Empress. She’s on the other side, Lording it over her spirit friends, munching on banana chips. That’s how I get through the loss of my animals, believing that I will see them on the other side, that they may even be the ones lifting the edge of the curtain for us to pass through. Soldier on, with love and gratitude for having been able to love and care for her.

  103. This is too sad. At 8:42 AM EST the hens are lined up against the wall beside the dish pan as if they are waiting for their friend to hop in and pontificate from her throne (the dish pan).

  104. That is so sad….I feel like I lost one of my own. I am so sorry for your loss. She was a delight to watch and I am sure the hens will miss her as much as all of us.

  105. I am so sorry to learn of Candy’s passing over to the Rainbow Bridge. This news really choked me up……! Always enjoyed Candy and her antics. Sad to see the cage door closed.
    Perhaps in time you can get another bunny.

  106. Sorry for you loss, I enjoyed watching Candy hop around everyday, she was so adorable. Godspeed Candy…

  107. You gave Candy a wonderful, beautiful life. She will be missed and not forgotten.

  108. My wife and I are so sorry for your loss! We always looked forward to your posts about Candy. We would literally laugh out loud when we would read of her antics. She will be missed!

  109. I’m so sorry Terry. Candy was my favorite. I always wondered what she was thinking. We often saw her just looking at the others. My favorite is the picture of her giving the evil eye to one of the boys when he though head butting a rabbit was a good idea.
    She will be missed.

  110. I’m very sorry for your loss of Candy! I have had rabbits since I was four years old, and these last few years have been the only time I have not had a pet rabbit. My last bunny was also about nine when he died. I especially enjoyed your stories of Candy and she will live on in the hearts of all those who were read about her. My condolences to your family.

  111. I am so sorry to hear about Candy…..she really was the best…..she was just always there…..sorry am in shock

  112. So sorry for your loss…we also lost my daughters beloved Bunny in August, also very suddenly. We certainly know what this is like. Know that we feel your loss on a very personal level.

    April & Eostar

  113. Dear Terry, I am both so sorry for your loss and glad for Candy having come to Little Pond Farm and her magnificent life there. I am deeply moved that she leaves behind so many friends who cared about her. As we prepare to say goodbye in the coming days to Alma, our second-meanest hen, our first-meanest, Starr, has been giving up her free-ranging time to stay in the coop near her friend. Of some comfort to me has been telling them about Candy so that Alma will know who to look for, and Starr can know that Alma will have a like-minded soul on the other side. Terry, thank you for sharing your animals and your wisdom – and theirs – with us.

  114. So sorry for your loss, RIP Candy (aka. her Royal Highness), you were a funny rabbit and made my day on a regular basis, you had a great long life and will be missed by many.

  115. Thank you so much for sharing Candy with us.

    We loved her too. :)

    Technology is such a wonderful thing. People like me who live in entirely different hemispheres from you know your animals, we’ve spent time watching them on the cams, we’ve read about them on your blog.. and when they pass a tear forms in our eyes, too.

    Wherever she is, she will be in charge, I have no doubt of that. :)

  116. I am so very sorry for you loss. Growing up on a farm, I know the circle of life can be very rewarding but at times like these, it can also be very hard. All life is precious. Candy was a lucky bunny to be loved so much and I am sure she felt it.

  117. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Candy! During the past few weeks I got a kick out of watching her settled in, in the girls dust bath. She was such a part of Little Pond Farm. I know that you will have wonderful memories of such a sweet girl, yet it is very difficult to lose such a beloved pet. Peace to all.

  118. I am so shocked and sorry to hear of Candy’s passing. My husband was in the hospital and so I was preoccupied for a few days. When I was able to resume my hen cam viewing and saw her door closed I knew something was wrong. I searched the archives and soon found my fears were true. A very sad day indeed.

  119. Oh no! So sorry to hear. I’ll miss Candy soo much. I used to love when there would be a Candy action sequence on the HenCam.

  120. Oh, Terry. I have been traveling in India and just learned about Candy. I am so very sorry that the tears are coming as I write this. She was one stupendous rabbit that gave so many of us such joy. My 90 year old Mother loved to see her pictures and antics. You certainly gave her a wonderful life along with two, count them, two banana chips at bedtime. We will both miss her terribly along with the rest of your community.