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Although Steve knew that there would be animals in our lives (moving in with him was contingent on getting a dog), chickens weren’t something that he thought about when we got married. Still, he wasn’t surprised when, sixteen years ago, I took in a neighbor’s lone hen. In any event, he liked the fluffy white Cochin. He didn’t mind the production red hen that I got her for company. For months, when I had a bed rest pregnancy, he took over the care of the chickens and found that he liked doing the barn chores. He got attached to the hens that I kept adding to the flock. But, being a nerd (said with the utmost respect) he had a different idea of how to enjoy them. “Let’s put a cam into the coop,” he said. “Who’d watch?” I asked. At the time the only internet cams were in universities (often pointed at vending machines so the scientists wouldn’t have to walk down a flight of stairs to see what was in stock.) “It’d be fun,” he said. “We don’t have electricity in the coop,” I replied. The idea was shelved.

Meanwhile, the internet took off. In 2006 I was told that I had to have a website to promote an upcoming book. Steve said, “Let’s do a hen cam.” At this point we had a new coop, more hens, and electricity in the barn. “Sure,” I said. “Why not?” I had no idea that the website set up to promote a book would be enjoyed by tens of thousands around the world. I had no idea that I would blog. I had no idea what satisfaction I would get from sharing my animals with you. I had no idea that the HenCam would be my writer’s place, as affirming to me as any book that I’ve written.

The HenCam has become a full-time job and I need your help to grow my audience. Last night ITGuy added share buttons on the blog post pages to make it easier to let others know what you’ve found valuable here. He doesn’t do social media himself, so he’s not sure if he’s installed them properly. Let me know if there are glitches.



  1. I LOVE the idea! Who would have ever guessed that the one idea would be so famous! CAN’T start my day without my coffee and my hencam fix!

  2. He must have done it all correct as it came up on my Face Book page. Love it! Smart guy, your man is!


  3. Like Donna, I can’t start my day without my coffee and your HenCam. I don’t use Facebook or any of those “things”. But please don’t ever give up HenCam, we would all have panic attacks!

  4. I “google plussed” this, but have no idea if it worked because I can’t figure out how google+ works! ugh!

  5. Shared! I also think that perhaps something.should be added to notify you or well (us) when you reply to something on your blog? Just a suggestion

  6. My husband is getting me hencams for Christmas…and when I asked my IT guy to come install he didn’t know what on Earth a “hencam” is. He logged onto your page to see what I was talking about. He fell out of his chair laughing. Glad my husband appreciates what you do more than he did. We plan on one in the coop and three in the yard – the girls free range. I’ll be able to check on them while I’m at work. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Shared! The Facebook button worked like a charm. Much easier than cutting and pasting the address each time. Thank you and thank ITSteve! Now I need to get electricity out to my coop so I can set up a cam and watch my girls while I’m at work. :-)

      • Definitely true for places like yours with real winters! We only get 1 or 2 overnight freezes per year in the San Francisco area so electric water heaters are not a necessity. And snow? I don’t think my girls will ever experience it.

  8. So glad to share & like others, I can’t imagine a day without hencam. Not only are the girls beyond precious, your videos and information about raising chickens is invaluable! Hope to someday rejoin the urban chicken farmers but until then, watching the chickens and enjoying your honest and insightful blogs will carry me through. Best of luck always!

  9. I shared on Facebook and then did a PIN as well as a favorite blog. I was able to see both so they work! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve learned so much!!

  10. loved your short story about your life up to this point. sounds like you got a good man – but then, he got you – so you’re even!!
    i’m so retired i don’t even have a schedule other than daily – and i read you daily and wouldn’t miss it. onn days you don’t post one – i read the last ones!
    thanks for being there jean

  11. oh – p.s. to my note – i can’t get on any of those sites because i don’t know how to’do’ them but i tell everybody i know about you

  12. BC I work @ a desk all day, in my home, I have open access to my laptop all day long. So I have a lot social media access. I have all 4 of the ones you have provided buttons for and I am happy to report all 4 work fine :)

  13. Shared on FB and PINned to my Chickens folder. No glitches that I could see. I hope with all of our sharing, tweeting, pinning, etc. you get a whole bunch of new followers! More people should know about you.

    Your ITGuy, critter-sitter did a great job. So has he seen mini-donkeys? They’re awfully cute!

  14. Just wanted to Thank your husband, for his hard work, and yours too. Your site is one of my favorite’s, though my mother does think it’s boring to watch hens. As she says it’s like watching grass. I love it, no matter what a bad day I am having, I watch your Polish and Buffy and I fill better. I was wondering, does your husband have any favorites in the animals ? Are any of the chickens his favorite, or any in the gems that tend to follow him around ? Or any in your older hens that have since passed away ? Does he have a favorite fish, or goat ? Or does he like them all ?

  15. Ditto….Don’t know how/if it’ll happen, but I’ll share this on Google +, see if anything happens. (So far, not….)


  16. Glad to hear that I’m not the only person on this planet that doesn’t do the social media. I really can’t see the point of it. That said, many thanks to Steve for telling me about the hencam in his solstice card all those years ago. I will never have hens (B-day #78 next week – the day before the solstice – so too old to start.) I will have to make do with a couple of kitties. But my day would not be complete without checking in at least on the weather in Carlisle.

  17. I cannot imagine life without It’s as if it always existed. Thanks to Steve Golson for the idea and to you for making it happen. I watch everyday and only missed once when the power went out in San Diego. We are so appreciative and grateful to you and Steve for having this wonderful site as place to learn more about hens and other creatures, read stories, and to enjoy your wonderful animals. Thank you Terry.