Nothing Goes To Waste

One of the benefits of keeping hens is that nothing goes to waste. In fact, kitchen disasters get a joyful reception from the flock.

I bought a new microwave.

Same wattage as the 12-year old one, but more powerful, as I learned when the first batch of popcorn burnt.

But, no matter! The Gems devoured it. No surprise that Beryl (she of the full crop) is photographed here being a glutton.

The goats leapt up onto their stumps in anticipation of the treat.

This is Caper’s popcorn face. He wants more.

The old hens also enjoyed the popcorn, although they ate it in a more polite and sedate manner.

Only Candy was unimpressed.


  1. That’s a spiffy looking microwave! What’s the item on the counter next to it?
    I bet the gems swallowed some of those kernels whole. It’s amazing what they can swallow when I saw one of mine gobble down a 3 inch grasshopper.

  2. When I cook, I now have one extra container on the counter in addition to the bowel or pot I’m putting the veggies in and then my compost pail. I now have a tub for the hens of all the veggie scraps I think they’d like and you should see them jump for joy when they see me coming w/ that little plastic tub.

    • I jump for joy at the thought of you putting veggies in your bowl, and then in the compost pail. Candy’s holding out for a jujube.

    • I’m too lazy to separate out the stuff they like and the stuff they don’t. That’s one reason why I have the compost pile in the chicken run. (Check my FAQs for a post about that and pics.) Even so, they recognize that metal bucket!

  3. I love the picture of “unimpressed” Candy!! It made me smile. I needed it today especially. Our “baby” informed us he is joining the Marines soon & passed his physical yesterday. Merry Christmas :(.

  4. My Hens are going to get a bunch of `puffed wheat` cereal that found itself on the kitchen floor after I opened the bag. I will bring the cereal to them….no chickens allowed in the kitchen! ha ha….

  5. I save everything I think the chooks will like, peelings, leftovers, doggie bags, kitchen disasters. I get funny looks sometimes when I go to lunch with my BFF and we have stuff left over. I tell the server to put it all in one container and it doesn’t have to be pretty!

    • Oh yes, and it’s a serious problem, especially with backyard keepers feeding too much corn. Obesity will interfere with laying and cause a strain on the heart and other organs. Chickens need a good diet and exercise, just like the rest of us.

  6. Terry, many of your photos are taken at wonderful low angles. This is how a toddler would view chickens and goats I think, right? No wonder your website is so popular with kids.

  7. Oh my gosh Terry, more amazing photos! The look on their different faces sure tell a story. Beryl cracks me up. Does Candy eat popcorn or will she get an extra banana chip! Thanks for sharing Terry. I’m already looking forward to the Hencam 2013 calendar. Oh, I saw a youtube video of a hen swallowing a whole mouse! Yikes/Yuck!

  8. Great photos! Have I said that before? :-)
    Excellent timing with Beryl.
    I enjoy these blogs- part storytime, part documentary. Very refreshing! I hope that if/when I have livestock, I can be this creative and sharing.

  9. Will the hens eat the burnt popcorn too, or will you get a nasty face like Buffy did when you gave her the epsom salt treatment with gatoraide ?

  10. So cute! Candy looks like she has a chicken hair clip because of the angle of the photo!