Sandy Blows Through

Superstorm Sandy blew in on Sunday. It rained. Scooter did not want to go outside.

It kept raining. The wind picked up. Trees swayed. Leaves came down. The pond filled to the top but didn’t overflow.

The animals were snug and secure in the barns.

The Gems ate their pumpkin

and took dust baths.

They even laid eggs.

We were snug and secure inside the house. The power went out. We played a board game.

Cable, internet and our telephone landline went down. We listened to the news on some very old technology.

We were surprised when the power came back on late Monday night (two days later 30% of my little town was still without electricity.) But, we still didn’t have internet.

In the morning we opened up the barns. The animals were not happy about the mud, but they were pleased to be out.

We surveyed the damage. Steve cleared the pond of leaves.

One tree was down. We’d debated before the storm whether we should take down the goat fence. Lesson learned.

For now the goat pasture is a tad smaller. They don’t mind. We gave the goats a big branch, which they are eating,

and using as a scratching post,

and butting heads over.

Meanwhile, Candy says that she’ll survey her realm from her dry hutch.

Not far down my street there are trees leaning precariously over power lines. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have another power outage. But, that’s not a big deal. My heart goes out to those who truly suffered during this storm. I grew up near the Jersey shore and it was like watching parts of my childhood washed away.



  1. So good to see all the critters, and how well they fared.
    And you, too… looks like fun, actually.
    My sympathy… it’s not easy seeing loss and destruction,
    and feeling connected to those places really makes it

  2. Thats great that you only came out of Sandy with a power outage and a tree down and great to see all the critters are safe and well. Onwards and upwards….

  3. I was in Florida when the storm was going thru. I prayed for you and all my friends. while I was away we lost my daughters pet Light Bhrama. I am currently looking for 2 more birds to add to the flock as she is gone and our Red Leghorn has become aggressive to the point of hurting my daughter and drawing blood from a friend. She attacks when they go in the chicken pen. I can’t have that going on. So, She is being rehomed to a farm where she will have free range and not have to be handled much if any at all. I just hope I can find 2 more quiet birds for my daughters broken heart.

    Praying you guys keep up with the good luck.

  4. So happy to see that your family and all the animals are okay. I’m glad for you that you didn’t have much damage. Too bad about the goat fence.

  5. I’m so happy to see all is well and you didn’t suffer too much damage there at Little Pond Farm.

  6. Sheez! I was SO worried about you! I kept watching that dang map and looking at Boston with the clouds hovering overhead! I worried about the beast! That the pond would flood and the beast would be flopping around and I would have to tell the kids what happened to him/her! SO happy you are OK and not TOO much damage. My heart goes out to all those who did not fare well. Truly tragic. Hugs! Donna

      • Well I would let Lily, that way you have a free way and more natural way for birth control of your koi and goldfish. Are you thinking maybe of adding another species of fish that would eat the thousands of eggs and frylings since I doubt Lily could eat that much and that your heron has scaddled to a new pond ? And that way you won’t be stuck having to fish out and try to find homes for all those frylings.

  7. Amazing that here in Ohio we got slammed too….we were out of power for 44hrs just came back on last night. we are by the river which flooded but luckily our house was not flooded. We lost some trees and lots of wires. We had lots of wind since we are right on the lake! There are many worse off and I sure am hoping they can get back on their feet!

  8. So happy to see everyone is okay and that I’m not the only one with mud everywhere. I’m with Candy ~ inside looking out. Hah ha Thanks for the update ;-D

  9. I love watching Candy at the base of the ramp into the coop. She really lets the girls know who is the boss! She will stare down Edwina and dare her to come on down. She is a character! Glad all is well and the suffering was minimal to what it is for others. Thanks for keeping us in the know.

  10. What a relief! I am so glad you are ok! I have been checking in and missing you!
    Most likely your goat fence will still be useable. I had a pine tree fall on my similar poultry mesh last year, and it is still useable except for one bent post.

  11. I am so glad you are all okay. It was good to see all the animals again, I too have have missed them and been worried for you. Thank you for the update.

  12. So happy to see and hear that you are all ok. Very sad for all those who lost their lives – or who are now homeless. Good to see things are getting back to normal for you. Just interested, what is the name of the board game you were playing(?) – i really like the look of it!

  13. Happy to hear you and all our anipals weathered the storm safely. I keep checking to see when your power was back on. Glad you weren’t in the dark long. I too would like to know what board game you were playing – looks interesting.

  14. Good to see that you fared well and the animals are safe- sent prayers your way!

  15. “The Gems ate their pumpkin” -nothing left but a pumpkin husk! They must’ve been stir-crazy…

    It is awful to see abrupt change of a place one loves. Even on a minor scale…I remember seeing my grandmother’s old house, after she had moved out and it was remodeled, and the sense of loss and indignation. I can’t imagine losing something from one’s past to violent destruction.

  16. We just got strong wind and a little rain, though the wind did blow a few fence panels a little loose and created a gap in one. that I didnt notice untill wednesday night after I got home from work and locked the chickens away, they were already in theier house, but I always do a headcount, and Gloria one of my speckled sussexs’ was missing I searched the yard and thier was no sign of her, and it was far to dark to search the neighborhood. So i figured that she was gone forever and would survive the night, yesterday while at work My next door neighbor called me and said she spotted Gloria, I was at work and could not leave, she tried to herd her to my yard but to no avail, so when the neighborhood boys got off the school bus, she told them what was going on and that one of my chickens was loose and the vicinity of where she was, so the boys plotted and planned and came up with a few ideas of how to catch her, My gloria is now safe at home, because of these 3 boys ages like 9 to 13 and a fishing net and thier ability to problem solve and work together…. I am very grateful… I think my chcikens are really teaching the kids a sence of community. hahaha

  17. oh Im sure they enjoyed it very much, and they got some fresh eggs out of it..

  18. I am really glad you and your family are okay. I hope any of your family still in NJ made it out and are alright. I watched Monday night as NY and NJ got hammered. My employer is headquarted on Pine Ave in NY and we have offices in Parsipanny and Livingston, and all are closed for now. I missed being able to see the animals and to read your blogs and updates. I was hoping and praying you’d make it through, and you did. I’m sure the animals were glad to see you too when it was all over. I enjoyed seeing these photos. Really made my day.

  19. I forgot to add: somebody should take those pictures of the goats gnawing on the tree and Photoshop it into a candycane! :-D

  20. We too were not connected following the storm, cell phones and cable all down for days. Scarcity of gas is a real problem right now on the island. Our chicken cooperative’s hoop house now looks like your goat fence, just alot more scrap metal. Thankfully they were in one of the farm’s greenhouses (which the skin blew off of and scattered the chickens). But the girls seem to all be there, living temporarily in a glass greenhouse until we come up with new digs. Hard to think about when we are housing my daughter’s friend who’s mother is shoveling out their belonging to the curb of her ruined house. But we seem to be all here, too, and that’s all that matters.