This is Candy’s attitude towards Hurricane Sandy.

Wait and see.

I have a tarp that I’ll cover Candy’s hutch with to keep her dry when the winds come. But The Empress says that for now she has to keep watch over her realm.


  1. Sensible Candy! Hoping it goes well there when it arrives, we are monitoring Sandy from the UK and thinking of you all. Stay safe.

  2. Aww! Another great photo Terry. You gotta love that Candy girl. I”m hoping the best for you at Little Pond Farm. Hope the Frankenstorm situation does not happen, something about snow! Keep safe and dry!

  3. Sending good thoughts and energy your way for you all to stay safe in the storm.

  4. Stay safe and dry and I am hoping you keep your power! We lost ours the other night for an hour and a half and boy….you don’t realize how much you rely on it until it is gone! Do you have a generator?

  5. Candy is my favorite. She is one cool bunny! Best wishes and prayers for no damage to your farm or animals.

  6. I hope you stay dry,safe and out of harm’s way. Our thoughts are with you all.

  7. P.S.
    I am looking forward to the TuTu Tutorial in December. Thank you Terry.

  8. Candy as always is so adorable. I was watching as her cage was covered with a tarp. I live in western Mass and am also waiting for the storm. Just one year ago today we had the nor’easter that dumped 18 inches of snow here and caused so much damage. It’s been breezy all morning but the wind has started to pick up, the tree tops are swaying back and forth. All but the front of our house is surrounded by trees so I get very nervous when we have high winds. Terry, I hope that you, your family and animals and everyone in the storms path stay safe.

  9. Stay safe!!! We got quite a bit of wind the last 2 days from Sandy here in Columbia, SC but no rain. We lucked out again though we could really use the water!!

  10. I too have been listening to your weather on the radio here in England and am also wishing you to stay safe and well. Like everyone else I will be thinking of you, your family and all your critters.

  11. Dear Terry and your peaple!
    A big bon jour from France to all you-thinking a lots of you, I hope the best, but not danger by Sandy, the Terrible!!!!! I wathing your camera and the wind. I saw in the background the strong mouvements of the trees. It’s sceary..
    Be safe and bonne chance!

  12. I see now that Candy has been tucked in to her hutch, the gems are busy with their new pumpkin and the girls in the little barn are calm inside as well. The boys are looking lazy at the moment, so all is well so far. At times like this you must be especially grateful for Steve’s IT abilities, which make it so easy for you to check on the animals from your computer.

    After having re-read all the pre-Sandy preparation you’ve done, I’m keeping good thoughts that everyone at your home will be just fine (and maybe a little chunkier, what with the extra goodies to eat!).

  13. HRH looks lovely, as always. Hang in there. It is going to hit 50 miles east of me at Atlantic City. Will be interesting! So far, so good.

      • Thanks! I think I fared better than you! I never lost power. I am giving thanks to the power company. Take care up there.

  14. Good luck to all of you over there from Adelaide Australia. Hopefully minimal damage!

  15. Candy looks as is she hasn’t a care in the world? Seems like she is snoozing away – blissfully unaware of all the might of Mother Nature around her. There has been quite a bit of news coverage on hurricane Sandy here in Melbourne, Australia. Hope you, Steve and all the animals stay safe Terry.

  16. I’ll be checking in daily to see your site. Appreciate your updates & news. Enjoyed the photo of Candy.

  17. that rabbit is a riot. i am in awe of the work you’re having to do to keep things battened down and everyone safe. my daughter & son-in-law in NJ with no power had to move to the basement because of all the big branches and trees flying around above ground. she was cleaning up at scrabble, though. she also won a game of sorry. the girl has nerves of steel.

  18. Good luck to all, we will be checking in on you from the UK every day. Stay safe. I love your updates..

  19. I hope all the hens are doing well. I turned on the HenCam this morning cuz I’ve been stressed and needed to see the darling hens peacefully walking around without a care in the world, then I realized how close you are to Hurricane Sandy :/ hope all is well, if anything happened to these beautiful hens it would be the straw that broke the camel’s back (me being the camel) lol

  20. I just checked the latest status updates on what Sandy is doing in your area, and it looks like the worst effects have passed for you: The winds appear to have died down significantly in and around Boston since yesterday. I hope you didn’t sustain any significant property damage, and that your home and all your outbuilding structures held up well. I have my fingers crossed that you’ll have power restored shorlty. My heart goes out to all those in NY and NJ who bore the brunt of this hurricane’s fury. What a disaster.

  21. I keep checking in for the chickens and goats and the candy ball of fuzzie love. My de-stresser for work days, and even just life…. hope all is ok… missing them.

  22. We survived wasnt too bad. We were lucky. Happy halloween all!

  23. Still no power here (3 days) and tons of trees and wires down. Blocked from our home still! It’s a good thing the chicken pop door was OPEN (to a secure run) when the power went out.

  24. please google “the dailymail.co.uk”. they have huge photo’s of the storm damage in NY, Conn, Long Island, and New Jersey. Look for the article about Sandy and scroll till you see the photos. The damage is horrifying. I wonder what happened to the homeless people who were living in the tunnels under the streets. I think we will never know the real death total. God only knows who was swept out to sea or who burned up in that huge fire in Queens. I think it will take a very long time to get all of the water pumped out and the debris moved off. Philadelphia has offered to accept refugees from the destroyed areas. We may all need to share our homes with someone before this is over.

  25. I am so pleased to be able to see all looking well! Yes the goats do look fatter to me! Haven’t seen Candy yet but did see plenty of chickens moving at speed – delightful! Now I’ve seen that all looks well there I can go to bed happy and much relieved. So goodnight my time and good morning yours! So happy!!!