Rainy Day Blahs

It was a dreary day. Although the weather was changeable, I could tell what was going on by simply looking out at the coops. If it was only misting, then the girls were out and about. When it was raining hard they went back inside. All day long it was in/out, in/out. The Gems liked how moist the compost pile was. Lots of worms were wiggling near the surface.

But Pearl, with her extravagantly feathered feet, was none too pleased. She stepped carefully, then finally gave up and went inside.

Amber, the Best Buff, despite the dark skies and the shortened daylight hours, laid an egg.

Candy had her morning hop-around but was quite annoyed at the mud.

She spent most of the day glaring disdainfully at the world from her hutch.

Goats hate to get wet. I gave them extra hay, so as far as they were concerned, it was a good day, anyway. The goats are nothing if not optimistic that all works out in the end.

Lily was bored, but she remained vigilant, which was worth it because not one, but two, UPS trucks pulled into our driveway with deliveries. The UPS trucks are a sheer joy to bark at.

The rainy day was all the same to Scooter. He had his morning nap. And then he had his afternoon nap.

Betsy decided to go to bed early.

I was out of sorts. I got caught in a downpour while loading groceries into the car. I was chilled and grumpy. But, I should take lessons from the optimistic goats. Late in the afternoon I was sitting at my computer in my home office, and suddenly the walls glowed pink. I looked outside. The ground was the color of ripe peaches.

It was a heart-stoppingly beautiful, fleeting moment. The skies cleared just as dusk fell and the treetops glowed yellow in the sun, and then it was dark.

Those goats have it right after all – things have a way of working out in the end.




  1. love your photos, reflections and words of gratitude! that’s what it’s all about.

  2. What a great way to end my afternoon. Wonderful world we live in. Sometimes it is lemons but quick as a wink it can be lemonade or peaches. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. There must be something in doggie DNA that makes them all crazy for UPS trucks! The trucks don’t even have to stop at my house; my dogs will bark at them as they drive down the street to the neighbors houses!

  4. Queen Candy has the sweetest, fattest, fuzzy cheeks I ever saw! She always makes me smile.

  5. I went on the internet to look up a recipe and got caught up in your story. Heartwarming ~ Thank You :-D

  6. The compost pile is my chickens’ favorite spot. It doesn’t have any worms yet, as it is young and very shallow, but they don’t eat worms anyway. Ugly grubs, yes. Worms, no. I want to scoop up Betsy and Candy and hold them in my lap!

  7. Terry, If I could just have the mind of a goat, life would be so much better. Unfortunately, at present I have the mind of Flop Ear Candy…

  8. I bring up your site today and I see this fuzzy little face looking back at me asking WHAT?! That picture is full of disapproval! Thanks for the beautiful pictures. A beautiful sunset does put everything in perspective, doesn’t it?

  9. Our school secretary and myself pinched Candy’s cheeks on the screen this morning. We feel so much better now! Thank you!

  10. Your posts are art! So beautiful and poetic as someone has already said. You have such a talent for this and are so cheering to us all. I loved all the photos and they way they express just one rainy day but really so much more too.

  11. What a beautiful, beautiful moment! Amazing how a little change in the sky seems to change the whole world.

  12. Oh Terry, more amazing photos and your observations! Thank you so much, this brightened up my day!

  13. Your very inspirational, thanks for sharing your rainy day and gorgeous little friends with us. Also thank you for the suggestions for pasty butts, I will try the epson salt for my little Aracana’s : )