Chicken Tee Giveaway

update: This contest is closed. Miguel is the winner!

This giveaway is an excuse to introduce you to a few of my favorite urban hens. Did you know that keeping chickens is legal in New York City? Did you know that there are chickens improving the lives of some of the most impoverished citizens of our country? Brook Park Chickens in the Bronx are a great example of hens doing good.

photo courtesy of Lily Kesselman

Photographer Lily Kesselman has committed time and resources to the Brook Park Chickens. This is what she says about this urban flock:

Brook Park Chickens was founded in 2011 as a part of The Friends of Brook Park, a community garden in the Mott Haven community of the South Bronx. As the winner of a grant from Just Food, volunteers came together to build the coop and run for the 15 hens that came from the Queens County Farm Museum. Brook Park Chickens is 100% run by volunteers – two come daily to feed, water, clean and take care of the hens. Eggs are shared by all of the volunteers. But the main objective of the coop is to bring in school, after-school and community groups to meet the hens, learn about urban agriculture, and learn more about the community garden where all are welcome.

Mott Haven suffers from serous health issues and poverty. It is estimated that 20% of our youth have asthma and over 50% of all children here live below the national poverty level. The South Bronx is the poorest congressional district in the United States. Community gardens offer neighbors the opportunity to grow their own food, participate in CSA’s and connect with their community. Community beds in the park also allow for residents to learn and grow their own produce no matter what their income. We feel that Brook Park Chickens helps connect people with their food and offer them fresh, healthy and local food they participate in producing. We also encourage neighbors to raise their own chickens and food if they have the space at home! Funds raised through grants and donations provide chicken feed and supplies and tours and workshops are provided to all at no cost. The garden is also a place for rest and relaxation in an area where safe outdoor space is vital.

Lily has created a t-shirt celebrating the Brook Park Hens. The winner of this giveaway will get to pick the size and color of their choice.

All you have to do to enter is to go to this page to read all about the lovely hens that live in the Bronx. Leave a comment here letting me know which chicken is your favorite. (My fav is Betsy – I just love her big, floppy comb.) One entry per person, please. The winner will be selected by a random number generator at 9 pm on Tuesday, November 20. Results will be posted here.

But, don’t rely on fickle fate to get your bronx chicks rule tee! Order one today. You’ll be supporting a great cause.


  1. Remedios is the chicken of chickens! In Spanish her name means remedies. This looks like a chicken that’s seen the best of times and the worst of times, and lived to tell the tale.

  2. I pick Lafayette with the inquisitive, curious face.
    What a great project! Thanks for letting us know about Brook Park Chickens Terry.

    • I choose Jefferson ….just looks like what a bird from the Bronxs would be.

  3. I LOVE Julian and her beautiful golden color! What a wonderful idea in the Bronx and I hope this idea continues to spread througout the country! :)

  4. Ah, Lafayette looks like a curious chook.
    They all look marvelous, actually.
    The shirts are fun… I’ll have to point some chicken-lovin’ friends
    in this direction. I hate to ruin my chances of winning, but this is too
    fun not to share!

  5. Julian stole my heart she is so plump, she looks like a good egg layer

  6. Blakey would have to be my favorite. Gorgeous coloring on her! I have to say, though, the expression on each chicken’s face made me smile!

  7. They’re all beauties, but I’ll have to say that Blakey is my favorite. Love those feathers with the dainty “scalloped” edges!

  8. Since my daughter’s name is Rosie, I’ll have to pick Mia Rosie as my favorite hen. She looks like she has the same confident personality as my Rosie!

  9. All hens, even molting ones, are beautiful in their own way. I love Betty Lou Marbles. Her glare suggests she’s the top girl in the flock.

  10. I love Lafayette’s curious expressions, but Mia Rosa is simply beautiful. This post really made my day – I love to see chickens impacting the lives of others in a positive way – I’m definitely sharing this post with friends!

  11. My vote’s for Betty Lou Marbles…a lovely lady with a lovely name! Thanks again for these great links…what a great addition to the Bronx!

  12. Such cute chickens and all with great names. Julian is my favorite. She just looks like a good sturdy hen with a nice personality…but I would love to pet Betsy with those huge wattles and comb. Adorable!

  13. I go for Calamady Jane. What a wonderful project in the city. All neighborhoods should have gardens and chickens.

  14. My Favorite is Calamady Jane! What a great name and pic! And I agree with Carolyn- ALL neighborhoods should have chickens and gardens!

  15. I admire Calamady Jane.
    I am with Natalie, “I love to see chickens impacting the lives of others in a positive way.” This makes me smile.

  16. I like Layfette, she looks ready to grab any snack that people will have in their hands.

  17. i think Betty Lou Marbles is gorgeous and in that photo of her i think she thinks so as well lol:)

  18. Julian is a truly beautiful bird. Plump, multi-hued and lovey looking. He gets my vote. But so do all of them…God bless, what a wonderful, life-giving project.

  19. What a wonderful cause! All of these chickens are extremely photogenic…the photo’s of my girls always appear as if they have not heads or ghost-like! I really like the impression on Jefferson “hey there!”. Thank you.

  20. What about the lovely unnamed chicken at the end? She seems to be overlooked even in the composition of the shot. Must be a plucky character.

  21. Ooooohhh, my favorite is Blakey! I have a Blake – only it’s a boy, well, young man, and he’s 20! LOVE these chickens, and love this project!

  22. It’s between Betsy with her comb and wattles and Lafayette, who’s a close second. Okay, I’ll say Betsy. But all have a distinct look about them. Thanks for sharing this story and the good that others are doing to help not only the hens but others as well.

  23. Lafayette for sure. She reminds me of Petrie, my Barred Rock. She always has that smart, inquisitive look and was the first of my 12 chicks to figure out when food was about to appear. Actually, she was/is the first to do everything! Smart girl, that chicken.

    Thanks so much for your blog! I’m addicted to your posts :)

  24. Betty Lou Marbles has a certain gleam in her eye! What a great project – thanks for sharing….

  25. I would pick Mia Rosie in memory of my little red hen Rosie who passed away last week.

  26. I can’t pick between Calamity Jane and Lafayette; I think I need some red chickens!

  27. Matilda looks like a sweetie!!! Great pics of all!! What a great project – the pic of the little boy holding the chicken says it all!!!

  28. I like Lafayette, she reminds me of my hens when they hear me in the window above their coop yard, looking up to see who’s there.

  29. “Calamady Jane” is my favorite. Especially with that name, she reminds me of our Rhode Island Red, Martha, who is the loud and proud boss of our ladies. But I also love Blakey’s coloring.

  30. The hencam cameras seem to be stuck; the time on the frame is 1:53PM and there is no movement on any of the cameras. There is a big ball of beige colored fur or feathers in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  31. I gotta go with Betsy. She looks just like my daughter’s favorite from our flock, whose name is Rosie.

  32. Jefferson is my favorite although all the chickens are amazing, I love how chickens can change lives

  33. I have read about this project before, so it was fun to meet the chickens up close and personal. Oh my, though choosing a favorite. Some of the names are fabulous. How come no one else so far has fallen for Treme Beauregard Chicken?! For me, it’s between her and Remedios, who looks raffish but hard-working. I also really loved Lafayette — I recognize that intent, focused look on ……. something possibly tasty that is about to come down from above. And Betty Lou Marbles! Ay yay yay. So fun!

  34. I love Calamady Jane, she looks like she is saying ” I did not do it…”

  35. Remedios – she looks tatty and world wise – just like my girls at the moment – they are in the middle of a huge moult – the pen looks like someone has been having a pillow fight there are so many feathers flying about!!