Headless Horseman Retelling?

Amber says that something strange is behind her. Garnet’s feathers are all akimbo in fear. Between them is the….

Headless Chicken of Little Pond Farm!

Here’s another look at the strange beast:

What’s all the fuss about? asks sweet Topaz. Really, now, you’d think you’d seen a ghost.


  1. Hilarious! I just gave my girls their first pumpkin a few days ago and they had no idea what it was. I poked a hole in it last night and hope that I will soon see my own “headless” chickens. <3

  2. LOL that’s hilarious, my birds love their pumpkins, I am on my 3rd very very large pumpkin well they are on their very very large pumpkin….

  3. Very funny! Thanks to you Terry, my chickens had a pumpkin in their yard when we could not access the farm in the aftermath of Sandy.

    • Oh, that’s good. I hope that everyone at your home came through unscathed. I just donated a big bagful of towels to the Sandy cleanup effort. Seems like a drop in the bucket of need.

  4. That was hilarious! I took your advice and went to the feed store where the left over pumpkins were piled in mountains. I asked for a few for the chickens. Oh No! We feed them to the cows (ok)…so they are half off…I still ended up paying $8.00 for 2 pumpkins but…really? Aren’t they going to go bad sitting in the sun? To say the least..I was a bit miffed….Should have brought Amber with me….

  5. That’s funny Terry. You should write children’s books ~ or do you? So cute :>

  6. Hope you don’t mind, Terry, but just had to put your headless chicken on my Pinterest board! Thanks for cheering us all up on a grey November day! :-)

  7. Absolutely love it!!!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things that go on at you farm!

  8. Such a great shot! Made me laugh aloud. Gave my 3 ex-batts their second pumpkin yesterday, they just love it, it keeps them amused in this miserable weather. Still getting the odd egg bless ’em. Thanks Terry for the wonderful photos and invaluable info.

  9. I absolutely must find a pumpkin for my hens …. but they are certainly not getting their beaks into my heirloom French Pumpkins! #gourmetpumpkins


  10. There is something strange behind me … lol!

    I love Topaz’s perfect hen shape in that last photo – what a beauty!

  11. Hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh, I needed that after a long day at work :)