HenCam 2013 Calendar

I’ve selected twelve photographs of the animals that you’ve come to know here at HenCam, and put them into a 2013 calendar. It’s available now at Zazzle.com. And, right now, calendars are 25% off at Zazzle! At checkout use CALENDARTIME in the “Zazzle Coupons/Gift Certificates” box.

Calendars come in three sizes. The small is perfect for a work cubicle. Enjoy!


  1. Oh Terry, these are wonderful! Now let’s see…there’s a big one for me, a small one for the tots in Wellesley, one for my sister in Fresno…

    • I’m glad you like it, Judy. Steve spent all day yesterday making sure that the photos were cropped to fit the Zazzle parameters and that it would look as professional as a commercially printed calendar.

    • That was taken the first time that the Gems saw snow. The hens stopped dead in their tracks coming out the pop-door and there was a pile-up. It was too funny.

  2. Hi Terry. I ordered the standard size, to thank you for sharing so much information that helped me this first year with my chickens. We will love looking at your photography of these beautiful birds! Chickens are SO beautiful and interesting, and SO photogenic! Eye candy, they are!

  3. Oh these are so great. I’m tickled to see the Goat Boys in their ribbon collars. I need the small one for my office desk. Thanks for offering these!

  4. My second post. Hooray Terry, I’ve ordered 4 2 small and 2 medium. THANK YOU!