Book News!

Back in 2006, this book came out:

It was a small gem of a book but it got lost on the bookstore shelves. After two years the publisher ceased selling it and The Farmstead Egg Cookbook disappeared. Many of you have asked for a copy, and I’ve sadly had to tell you that it was out-of-print and not to be found. But, this spring a new incarnation will be in available! An editor at Wiley asked me to enlarge the book and I have: I’ve written almost thirty more recipes to bring the total to 100. I’ve added a lot of text all about good eggs and what to consider when getting a backyard flock. This larger, improved version is tentatively titled The Farmstead Egg Guide and Cookbook. I can’t wait to share it with you and will let you know when it hatches in 2013!



  1. Congratulations!! That’s very cool!! Looking foward to reading it!!

  2. Great news for you and us too! I’ve been looking for egg recipes since my hens have started laying.

  3. Count me in for your new book! I’d been looking for your book but gave up a while ago. Wiley is a major publisher, too. Congratulations!

    By the way, I made your popovers last night to have with soup. I was certain they would not turn out as I only have a stick blender, but voila! Wonderful!

  4. This is good news! Just had to return my borrowed-from-library copy but can now look forward to purchasing your newly expanded version and having it permanently at-the-ready. Thanks Terry

  5. That’s great! I found a used copy of the original and gave it to my mom (borrowing it from her frequently). Now I can get the new one for myself…and let her borrow it!

  6. Yaaay! I love that you added the extras about good eggs and choosing a flock. Can’t wait to buy a copy. Do you think I could get it autographed somehow – maybe through the bookstore in Carlysle, as I did with Tillie Lays an Egg?

  7. I have an original copy of this cookbook which I purchased on Amazon last year. Have made a number of recipes from it and they all came out well. Also, made the popovers from your recipe. Came out perfect. Keep those egg recipes coming.

  8. Wonderful news! Can’t wait to see it in the remaining bookstores down here. Maybe I’ll donate a copy to our local library!!

  9. Wonderful news! Looking forward to reading it and trying the recipes!

  10. Yay, how cool. I look forward eagerly to getting my very own copy! And trying the recipes, too, of course.

  11. That’s wonderful, congratulations! Hope they don’t sell out before I get my copy.

  12. One of my favorite cookbooks, and now an improved version! I can’t wait to purchase it for myself and friends.

  13. Terry, Perhaps you could tell whom ever to put a rush on it and bring some to the northeast poultry congress lol

    • Getting it out by spring will be a rush! There are so many steps to bookmaking. My writing is just part of it. There’s editing, designing, the index, the printing and shipping… Will you be at the Congress? I’ll have to have a HenCam meet up there!

  14. Yes, my partner Rob and I are planning to go…. It would be an honor to meet you there…

  15. This is exciting!….and talking about recipes…it must be getting close to pie prepping time for your annual pie party! I look forward to see what you’ll, be baking this year…