The Fryeburg Fair

Last weekend I left my phone and my laptop at home. I didn’t check FaceBook. I didn’t blog. I unplugged and went to the fair. Although there’s a midway and concerts at night, at its heart it’s an old-fashioned agricultural fair. Indoors there are the displays of homemade foods which are just for looking at.

But outside there’s plenty of food vendors. Steve’s French Fries, made with Maine Potatoes (of course!) were possibly the best French fries that I have ever eaten.

My teenage son liked them so much, he went back for seconds. He also had a jumbo donut, pizza, ice cream and fried dough. It’s fun eating your way around a fair with a teenage boy! I sought out the apple crisp made by the church ladies.

Four years ago at this fair I saw a stall with Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. I fell in love. That’s why I now have Pip and Caper. So, Steve was a little concerned when he saw me looking at these two cuties,

with this sign overhead.

I did not make an offer. There were other animals to fall in love with. I’ve never been a cow person, but this girl’s face made me melt.

And this boy looks like he stepped out of a Star Wars movie.

These rabbits are just as furry, but a lot smaller than the Scottish Highland cow. I didn’t bring them home, either.

There were plenty of goats.

This photo shows why fairs are so essential. I was talking to the farmer (in the overalls) about bloat (and getting much good advice) when this family walked up. Perhaps this little girl will grow up to be a goat farmer one day.

There were sheep to see.

There were also pigs, oxen, alpacas, guinea pigs and chickens. The draft horses filled two barns.

And when we finally couldn’t eat anymore and we’d finished admiring all of the animals, this is what the drive home looked like.

It was a fine weekend.


  1. Went to the Fryeburg Fair last year… much the same kind of day you’re showing… outstanding nonetheless. We went to see the Alpacas and share some time with friends. Couldn’t go this year… maybe next year though :)

  2. Loved seeing your fair! I like that you have a much larger variety of farm animals. Our fair is going on this week, and though we are primarily a livestock fair they tend to stick to mainstream breeds. Tonight they are hosting the rodeo, I’m hoping that the weather holds out and they don’t have to cancel it.

    Sunday night we had lawnmower racing and the tractor pulls – do fair’s in the North have those types of events?

  3. That was so much fun Terry! Thank you for sharing. The last photo took my breath away..simply gorgeous!

  4. That’s funny – I first fell in love with goats (Pygmies!) years ago at the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA. Sadly, I still am not owned by goats, but I hope to be one day. For now I will settle for being a servant to my two cats and Louie the Lab.

    I think you showed remarkable restraint in not coming home with additional animals, by the way. When in pet stores, I have actually been told by my friends, “Jennifer, step away from the kittens”. :-)

    • Jennifer, I can relate. I was at a festival in Cape May, NJ this weekend and as we walked by the humaine society tent, my friend said “Don’t look”!

      Terry, I think you need the little donkeys plus a friend for Candy!!!

  5. How on earth did you get out of there without more animals? If I were you I would have bought the donkeys and the cow and another goat. Of course, I am not you, living as I do within walking distance of the center of Nashua, so of course I could not buy one thing. I live through you. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Like Natalie, our county fair is also centered on more mainstream varieties of animals. Except for one…it was made famous by Mark Twain for it’s jumping frogs! Our fair is such a big part of our county and kids lives, that they close all the schools just for fair! It’s our favorite time of year!

  7. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I love seeing how others enjoy their communities. I teach in Fort Worth, TX and love what Fort Worth has, but I cant wait to retire and visit other parts of our country in cooler months. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Terry, didn’t you say once that Steve drove a mini van? Those little donkeys would have fit nicely in the back and they would be a wonderful addition to Little Pond Farm!

  9. Thanks for sharing Terry, Mr. Dog Trot and I are off to the fair bright and early Friday morning. I shall head to the poultry barn and Mr. Dog Trot to the fried dough! Blessings, Julie.

  10. They are some pretty angora rabbits. You could get another as a companion for Candy. Though an angora might be hard to keep clean being outside with the hens. Has Candy ever had any interaction with another rabbit ? I know some people will hold play dates for their rabbits.

      • At her age, though I guess she won’t be too happy to see another rabbit. Acourse another breed I like as well as the Angora would be a lionhead. That way you would have some fluff but not as much.

  11. I so enjoyed all the photos but the last one in particular should be made into a post card. It’s spectacular!

  12. I always enjoy the photos on HenCam, especially those three floppy-eared goats!

  13. What a lovely time you must have had!! Nothing like a country fair at summer’s end.