Buffy Recovers. Again.

Buffy, who last week looked like a goner, recovered enough from whatever it is that ails her this time, to stand up and rejoin the flock.

When a chicken gets sick it is often fatal. I strongly believe that in many cases euthanasia is a kindness. But, if the hen is not listless, if she is bright-eyed and avidly eating (not just treats but also pellets), then she’s not suffering yet and I do what I can. In Buffy’s case she got the Spa Treatment. She also got set down in a comfy pile of hay with food and water within reach.

I don’t know what is going on inside of her, but my guess is that her digestive tract is compromised and that it’s getting harder and harder for her to get the nutrients that she needs. She’s old (6 1/2!) and doesn’t have the vigor to forage, or even to eat as much as she should at the feeder. I’m honestly surprised that she is up and about.

Buffy gives new meaning to the term “Tough Old Hen.”


  1. That’s great news Terry,I saw her on Hencam yesterday out with the others and assumed she was better! Thats great x

  2. So great to see her out with the others. Thanks for letting us know. I’m glad we’ll get to enjoy her a little longer. She is a fan favorite.

  3. It’s great to see Buffy and Betsy among the rest of the gals again!

  4. Good for her, they can be stubborn, these old birds! Let’s see if she can beat Big Girl (8 and a bit) who regularly had me wringing my hands before she checked out for good! I think its just attention-seeking myself…

  5. Yaaaay! I knew she’d get back on her feet. So glad to see her with the others again. Nope – not her time yet!

  6. Some animals just have more luck than others, and she is one of them.

  7. I’m glad for her, but she still has that resigned, faraway look in her eye. Maybe she’s always looked like that, or maybe she’s thinking about what her new life will be like in that Great Chookpen in the Sky.

  8. She looks much improved and appears to feel better. Your week ended on a busy note w/ an ill goat earlier in the week then a weak hen. Glad it all worked out and she’s better.