Poultry Banner Giveaway!

UPDATE: A winner has been selected with a random number generator. Congratulations, Patti!

I confess that I procrastinate on Etsy. I make the excuse that I mostly look at chicken things. That’s sort of like working, right?

I was very taken by this banner of prayer flags made by artist Miranda Gray.

Prayer flags have long been flown in Tibet and are an integral part of Tibetan Buddhism (a way of life that the Chinese continue to try to wipe out.) The thought is that the prayers and symbols on these squares of cloth are brought to life by the wind and are carried off into the world. I’m not Buddhist, but many of the blessings on these prayer flags are meant to create harmony and peace, and just the sight of them, I think, fluttering in the wind, is a reminder of living a mindful life.

Miranda has generously offered this banner of 9 Prayer Flags to the winner of this giveaway. The flag is shipped rolled up and wrapped in a paper prayer which reads:

May the Wind carry these prayers
for our barnyard birds
who feed us and enrich our soil
who are our comedic companions
May we humans honor and respect them
for their place in our lives

I think that’s a fine sentiment.

All you have to do to enter this giveaway is to go to MIranda’s Etsy store and take a look at her listings. Then come back here and let me know which is your favorite. (I know some of you bee keepers are going to love her bee banner, and she has bunnies and goats, too!) One entry per person please EXCEPT if you put a link to this on your FB page or Twitter feed, then you get another entry. Just come back here and let me know that you’ve posted it. You must enter here on my website. Comments on my FB page won’t count (sorry, but it’s just too hard to keep track of.) The winner will be selected by a random number generator on Tuesday, October 30 at 10 pm EDT.


  1. Love the banners, original idea! My favorite is the Barnyard Birds 9 large prayer flags. Thanks!

  2. I also was taken by the 13 banner poultry one, though the 9 banner is very striking. It would be very handsome in the barn’s bay window. :))

  3. I think they are all lovely. They would be great housewarming or hostess gifts, and hey – Christmas is coming … My top 3 would be the barnyard birds flags (13 small), the animal prayer flags (13 small) and the sea creatures flags (13 small). If I had to choose just one, it would be the 13 small animal prayer flags.

  4. My favourite is the “Animal Prayer 13 small prayer flags – cow, horse, turkey, rabbit, goose, cat, sheep, dog, chickens, goat, bull” They are all lovely, this one has the cat & dog added.

  5. What a great idea! I can picture the prayer flag strung against the back wall of my hen house. I liked the barnyard prayer flag as well as the garden hearts one, but the chicken flag is the best as I only have chickens.

  6. What nice things Miranda has. My favorite is the Barnyard Birds 9 large.

  7. I liked the bees for their interesting graphic discussion…and then of course the chickens and the animals.

  8. They’re beautiful… how to choose a favorite?
    Honestly, each of them moves me… so, I will
    go for something close to our lives… the sea and all her creatures.
    We would be delighted to hang a prayer banner for the ocean!
    Thank you for this fun chance.

  9. I LOVE Guineas, they are so under appreciated (although noisy, but that’s their charm). I would love the banner with the poultry that has Guineas. It is delightful!

    • I am with you Sandie! I LOVE my guinea hen..I am thinking of getting 2 more next year in the spring…My Gertrude (Gertie) is adorable!

  10. For my 13 year old son who aspires to be a marine biologist..the sealife banner! Those banners are all so awesome though.thank you for sharing this info.

  11. I like all the prayer flags, particularly the barnyard birds, hearts, and sea creatures (in that order, today at least.)

  12. Oh Terry, these are awesome! For a favourite, I have a hard time choosing between the large and small barnyard bird flags. Bless the Bees grabs my heart as well. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway and sharing Miranda’s work.

  13. Having always wanted to go to Tibet, I love the prayer flags. My vote goes for the animal prayer flags because they include not just a “girl” but also a bunny (albeit with upright ears) in honor of the wonderful Candy as well as a goat in honor of “the boys.” My second choice is the sea creatures banner because next year I will move to once again be near the sea. Thanks for sharing Miranda’s lovely works!

  14. I shared on facebook – because I really do love this so much I would have shared it anyway, regardless of the generous giveaway. Thanks again!

  15. What a great little shop! I like the Barnyard Animal and the Heart flags. Etsy such a great place for unique gift items!

  16. These are wonderful! I had a hard time choosing because I like the animal prayer flag because it has the horse but I like the chicken flags with the guinea hen too! I think I will pick the latter! So hard to choose! And I LOVE the prayer that goes with it…says it all!

  17. I also shared on facebook…I so enjoy visiting your site and this is such an added bonus. The chicken banner that you show is GREAT!! You bring such joy to your website and I hope you know how appreciated you are. Good luck to all who enter and blessings to the winner. I’m ordering a banner for my sister today because they are so awesome: thanks for the link and the ability to support this artist. Have a wonderful day.

  18. For me, it’s the Barnyard Birds. However, if she did a series of rabbits and bunnies I’d buy it for sure for a dear woman I know to whom these animals are the light of her life. Thanks for bringing our attention to this very cool etsy-er!

  19. Miranda Gray’s prayer flag/banners are just wonderful. Hearts, earth, bees, I like them all. I must admit the chicken/fowl flag is my favorite. Since losing my dear sweet Gladys afew weeks ago my hen yard is just not the same. I would proudly fly Miranda’s banner in honor of Gladys and all of those from Dog Trot Farm that have gone on before her. Thank you, Julie.

  20. Oh, gosh, I love so many of her things! I think my favorite is the heart prayer flags!

  21. Well, all the banners are quite lovely, but the Barnyard (large or small) wins top place with Earth coming in second.

  22. I love all of these! Can I have a Top 3? OK, the Barnyard Birds, any size. But I also really, really love the trees one and the sea life one. And the garden hearts. And the bees……………

  23. I love the bee prayer banner. That would be perfect for a new friend who is raising bees.

  24. My favorite is the barnyard bird prayer flags… but if chickens weren’t a part of my life, then I think my favorite would be the sea creature pray flags!

  25. All are so beautiful would treasure everyone of them, but the Barnyard Birds ,epically the the flag that looks like Eleanor, would be my pick.

  26. I would have a hard time choosing so I would pick the Animal Prayers Flags, that way they are all covered.
    Thank you for intoducing me to Miranda Gray Studio and for such a nice giveaway :-D

  27. I checked out her Etsy site, and though the bee banner would make a great gift for my husband (the future bee-keeper), my favourite is the barnyard birds banner. The Yoda in a teacup comes in at a close second though!

  28. well I rather like the hearts – not usually my thing but I like the vaguely Mexican feel! Don’t you call a string of flags ‘bunting’? We do! I Twit not, neither do I Face, so this is my only go…

  29. The animal prayer is my favorite… and the geek in my likes her Yoda stuff!

  30. The 13 barnyard birds is definitely my favorite – it represents a little bit of everything that we are planning to keep on our farm. Right now we only have chickens, but we have plans to start raising Cotton Patch Geese, Guineas, and Bronze Turkeys. What can I say, it if is poultry I love it!

  31. All of them are great, but the Animal Prayer 13 small prayer flags is my favorite, since it includes cats and dogs :)

  32. I love the Barnyard Birds 9 large prayer flags. The barred on it looks just like my “Daisy”.

  33. Thank you for sharing this wonderful inspiring artist. How could any one choose. They are all fab. But of course I have a soft spot for ponies and bunnies

  34. Amazing, I’d seen prayer flags now and then but realized what they meant. My favorite is the beekeeper’s prayer flags, since I am a sucker for symmetry. But the sea creatures are so beautiful, especially the jellyfish! What a wonderful idea.
    And I love the line in the prayer: “our comedic companions.” A sense of humor may be the most important thing in life!

  35. Oh, what a great give away! I must say that I really like the Barnyard Birds flag, reminds me of all my hens and rooster.

    Thank you.

  36. What a great website Miranda has! I’m not sure I wouldn’t need to have the mixed animal banner, the barnyard bird banner and the hearts banner…

    Thank you for the opportunity to join in the fun!

  37. I did enjoy the bee banners but I like the one with the guinea the best! Reminds me of my Roscoe! said…   |  

    I posted to my facebook page on the chicken flags w/guinea

  38. The barnyard birds are great!! I would love the flag string to hang in my studio. Thanks so much for the offer!

  39. I love the barnyard birds prayer flags they are so beautiful and so realistic

  40. The sea creature are lovely and the barnyard animals and bees are nice too, but the 9 Large Barnyard Birds just calls to me! Love love love it.

  41. What an awesome idea! I’m a little biased as Miranda is my sister and I find her work beyond compare. I’m exempting myself from the contest because I could never find a favorite! On her own website there is the Farm series that I dearly love. She gave me a set of greeting cards that I can’t seem to share, because I love them so much. I think they will end up in a photo collage frame thing one day! Thanks for spreading the word on her Etsy site! Good luck submitters!

  42. Yes, as a beekeeper I think the bee banner might be my favorite, but with a flock of chickens, I also love the chickens…..really, all her things are lovely!

  43. I love the barn yard animals and also the flock. Too hard to choose. Beautiful Beautiful

  44. Love the banner featured in this post . . . It would be perfect hanging on the “porch” of the “Big House” (where my girls live)

  45. I love all of them! I posted the Barnyard Animals and the Barnyard Birds on my Facebook because I couldn’t decide between them and I wanted everyone to see them. The Sea Creatures are also wonderful! Much as I love all the animals, I still think the chickens are the most breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for turning me on to the Etsy site!

  46. I love the Barnyard Birds most of all. There’s just something about our fine feathered friends!

  47. I love the Garden Love 2. Those will look great in my back yard gardens.

  48. This is beautiful, all of her items are! I just got my first hens five days ago. I am excited and yet terrified at the same time! I think they are so wonderful and i am so afraid to do something wrong! Ask these you tube videos of people having to do surgery on their own, which i know if it came down to it i would so it because i love my hens already and we don’t have a vet around that works with chickens even tho we are in the country surrounded by farms. Any way, this banner is beautiful and the prayer expresses my sentiments so accurately, bless you all.

  49. I really like the “Barnyard Birds – 13 small prayer flags”. I think that’s the same one you posted above. Thanks for showing me the Etsy site!

  50. I’m chicken mad so my favourite is barnyard birds! I especially love the guinea fowl !!

  51. I like them all, and what a cool medium for artistic expression. Barnyard birds is my favorite, but the sea creatures are a close second.

  52. The Poultry Prayer Banner is awesome! But, the Yoda note card is a very very close second.

  53. What a lovely idea. I really like the Barnyard Birds as well as the Animal Prayers,….Actually I like them all!!!

  54. I love them all but being a chicken keeper, the barnyard birds is my favorite. Thank you for sharing the site!

  55. I enjoy the Chicken Prayer Banner, it puts a smile on my face as it reminds me of your lovely Barred Rock- “Eleanor,” may she RIP.

  56. seems like an easy choice. the chicken one! also compared to others, the color is more tibetan/nepalese.

  57. It’s all about the Barnyard Birds for me. I also cruise Etsy for chicken related items and have seen prayer banners. love them.

  58. I’m new to chickens. I really like the chicken flags and also the barnyard animals since it includes everyone.

  59. I liked the hearts prayer flags and both the large and small chicken banners on the Etsy website. Very cool. Loved the pictures of your goats wearing their “tutu” collars, too. They are adorable.

  60. They are all great and it is hard to choose, but the 9 large prayer flags, Barnyard Birds, is my favorite!

  61. I like all of the prayer flags, but actually I like the sea creatures one the most oddly. It can be hard to find lovely ocean sentiment decorative type things that are not of the fluorescent and tacky variety; there is something calming about all her flags though.

  62. My favorite banners are the earth ones because I figure they include everything on this planet. I really like the chickens though and love the colors and images. I would be thrilled to win them!

  63. The best part is the simple prayer they are wrapped in! I really do like them all especially the slightly hippie one with trees, etc Such a nice find on Etsy – Thank you!

  64. I love the 13 chickens banner. It has beautiful vibrant colors and pays hommage to the many different breeds of poultry. I would look wonderful hanging across the porch my charming coop.

  65. Oh, I just love all of Miranda’s things but would have to go with the barnyard birds flags! I posted it onto my Pinterest page and my Facebook page. Thank you, Terry! Stay safe in this storm!

  66. The flags are all pretty, however, my favorite is the large 9-bird set.

  67. My favorite is the Barnyard Birds 9 large prayer flags. Gorgeous! I also love the animal prayer flag.

  68. I think that with the destructive weather we are experiencing, I would choose the earth prayers…….Keep safe everyone and pray for the earth to quickly become peaceful once again.

  69. I love the barnyard birds large 9 flag. May our chickens all be safe during upcoming storms.

  70. I love my chickens and want to thank you for some great ideas which I have included in my chicken yard. I have just finished a new compost bin for my ladies! My favorite flag is the Animal Prayer flags as it has all of my favorite farm animals…

  71. Terry my favorite banner is the barred rock, which is also one of my favorite hens(please don’t tell the others.) y
    My favorite product on her site was the note cards with the beautiful pictures of the dog paws.

  72. Congrats to Patti and thanks again to you, Terry, for this find on Etsy. Have a wonderful weekend.