Dressing The Goats For Halloween

I was in a pet store the other day and saw holiday collars for dogs. Let’s call them “neck tutus.” They were sparkly and silly and happy. I never dress up my dogs (Scooter hates wearing even the lightest weight collar) but I am embarrassed to say that I thought, I’ll put these on the goats!  However, I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on something so frivolous and which was sure not to be worn more than a few moments before all chaos broke out, so I left the store without them.

But, I couldn’t get the collars out of my mind and so for the price of a bit of elastic and ribbon on sale, I made neck tutus for the goats. Sorry, boys.

This is what Pip thought of it. I think that he’s saying thppptttt!

Of course, wearing decorative collars was yet another excuse for head butting.

But it was all worth it (to me) for this one adorable moment.

Just wait, goaties, for what I have in mind for our New Year’s celebration!


  1. Love it! I was scrolling down expecting to see a trail of destruction. Did they try to munch on them?

  2. They are truly adorable but I can tell they are deeply unimpressed. Anyway, what they need are hats. The sort worn, usually by donkeys, in story books with holes for their ears to poke through and droopy daisy decorations etc. I wonder if there is a market for designer goat wear.

  3. As usual, you get the greatest pics of the boys. I really love how they pose up high on the stumps. They are fabulous entertainment and know how to wear a neck tutu! Thanks for the frivolity!

  4. Oh yes!
    Have lingered often, and for too long in the dress-doggy-for Halloween aisle… thinking of our goats.
    And let’s be honest: goats in costume is way more hilarious than dogs, because… GOATS!
    Love this!

  5. These are SO fantastic! I can’t believe they posed so sweet for these pictures. And I agree with Natalie, “because they are goats”!!! Thanks!

  6. What a pair! They look great. How in the world did you get them to pose on the stumps like that?

  7. What a great treat to see after a long day. These little guys bring so much joy to so many! Happy Haunting!

  8. Your boys have no idea how handsome they are with those beautiful collars! The picture of the boys on top of the stumps is priceless!!!

  9. Wonderful fun, they are adorable. Thanks for sharing. I am really wanting goaties.

  10. I love it! They look so cute. Perfect colors for autumn. I like their facial expressions and sticking their tongue out and all. I am sure they had plenty to say to you when you did it. And if they don’t eat or chew each others then you have something for next year.

  11. These pics are priceless. And how clever of you to come up with a low cost solution. Happy Halloween to you and your menagerie.

  12. I had the pleasure of seeing you on the cams taking the pics of the boys!! Iwas laughing and can not believe you were able to get such a fantastic pic!!! I love watching your web cams!
    Thankyou you have taught me so much, last november I got 6 Buckeye chickens and follow your blog everyday.

    Cheryl from Brimfield MA

  13. Hi Terry, Just love your website, have been watching it for a few weeks now. Sue

  14. Love your website!! I noticed you have a whole pumpkin in the pen with the 6 hens and rabbits. Just wondered, do you leave that in 24/7 and do you leave the pulp and seeds inside? I’d love to try that with my hens!

  15. Hi, Terry! Love your website! I noticed you have a full pumpkin in the pen with the 6 hens. I was wondering, do you leave that in 24/7 and do you removed the pulp & seeds? I’d love to try that with my hens!!

    • Thanks, Gayle. I’ve blogged a couple of times about why and how I put pumpkins in with the girls. Do a blog archive search (there’s a button to the right of these posts) and you’ll find (probably more than) what you want to know.

      • Will do! Thanks again! One other quick question..have you ever dealt with sour crop or impacted crop with your chickens? I have a case of this right now and going crazy trying to find good info on it. Do you have a blog archive on this topic as well?
        (P.S.- I have goats too and just love the little guys..yours are adorable with the costumes!)

  16. Gorgeous pics, Terry. Now if only my cats were so cooperative. Hah!!!! I would love to get a witch’s hat for my big black cat but there’s no way she would keep it on for more than 2 seconds. As for the kitten, just forget it – unless it could somehow be connected to running water or the shower, two of her favorite things!

  17. Hi Terry, my previous comment was just a tester! I am in Colchester UK and rescued ex batts last january, Thelma, Louise, Lara and then 2 ex free rangers Pepsi and Shirley (80’s pop duo!) Sadly Thelma and Lara have gone to the hencoop in the sky, worn out poor things but did have 8 months of freedom. Have put pumpkin in with the girls after seeing yours and they just love it!
    Will look forward to watching the cams to see how you cope with winter! Regards Sue

  18. Hi Terry
    I know you are a busy lady but, would you please post a brief Tutu Tutorian? My MiMi would look so grand in a tutu. She dons a scarf which she chooses each day. So I know she would loveone of these. Thank you,

  19. I have to make another comment, as I take a break from preparing for the upcoming storm – Every time I see your pics of these goats, something in my head says they are not real. They look like some kind of comical caricatured animal in a magical movie during the times of knights and damsels! The expressions, the beards, the behaviour, how could you have ever resisted taking these kids home!

  20. Talk about “comedic companions”! Those two are such characters. Thanks for the laughter!

  21. I imagine you will be kept busy preparing for the storm Terry….there must be many like me hoping and praying that you and yours come through safely. Will be thinking of you in the coming hours and days.

  22. Be safe if you are in the path of this Frankenstorm that is marching up the Eastern Seaboard. I live 100 miles inland from the coast of NC and we are getting very big wind gusts.(Sunday, Oct 28, 2012) at 10:45 AM. On the coast, some cottages are falling into the water. The eye of the storm is 300 miles from the coast. It is a monster storm!