1. I need a goat! They are characters!!!! Bet the town would love that, we’re not supposed to have the 4 girls we have….Maybe I should just move, lol

  2. Very cute. I love to listen to my goats chew! I also love the feel of thier little mouths on my hands.

  3. I should add: We have San Clemente goats nearby and once considered adopting a few. On our way to our newly purchased farm we passed this place with lots of goats running around, stopped to look, and the owner was very kind and informative. I’m not sure it’s proper to post a link on someone’s blog, but the farm is in Halfway VA. It looks like they are only sold now.

    Adopting more animals…such a responsibility. We don’t even have a DOG yet! A few people who eat goat meat have suggested we farm goats here – it’s perfect for that I guess, and in my area there is a market for it, but I can’t raise an animal for meat. I don’t have the fortitude for the slaughter. So for now only eggs. And groundhogs if they count!

    • My experience with groundhogs is that they are mean AND stupid. Luckily, my dog doesn’t allow then anywhere near. So, I’d have goats if I were you. Don’t you need a couple of brush and bramble cleaner-uppers? So useful!

      • Terry, what are your experiences with groundhogs? Are they dangerous? I might have to deal with some groundhogs next summer…

        • A groundhog (woodchucks here in New England) can mow down an entire garden in a hour. They dig burrows near the edges of fields that make dangerous holes. They have terrible tempers, and are so stupid they don’t know to back down! Years ago I had a fenced backyard and one by one a family of woodchucks burrowed in, challenged my dog (teeth bared, the woodchucks, not the dog!) My dog killed each one in turn. Full daylight. Why they did that, I don’t know. Why, after the first one got killed, they kept coming, I don’t know, except the grass was nice and green.

  4. If you don’t leash them (while they are eating the brambles) do they run away?

    • Oh, they have to be fenced. And you don’t want to tether, as goats get tangled up easily. Right now I’m going across the street, cutting brambles and carrying them back. What I do for those boys!

  5. That was so cute.. Of course they like their green beans & many other veggies too. They gobbled them up – yummy. I heard one sneeze. I think that’s from the hay getting in their nose. Very nice, Terry. Thank you.

  6. The boys are so cute. I had a goat when I was a teen and he was so much fun. Just this morning I was thinking it would be fun to have a couple of goats again but we don’t have the room for them. So I’ll just have to watch yours for now.

  7. Great sign and so appropriate. I like it and where it is. Candy looks like she joined the line too but has other motives than her feathered friends. I agree with you on passing on the Gentlemen’s sign. You’ll find something that is right for them. What is on Caper’s nose? Is that hay residue?