I’m A Fashion Trail Blazer!

Stores are showing off their Fall Collections. This graphic display is at the Burlington, MA mall:

Do you see the egg basket?

I have a collection of egg baskets, too!

She does have a lot of eggs. I’d like to see her coop. She must have one of those henhouses that has the nesting boxes jutting out and a lid so that she can collect the eggs without stepping in poo. At least I hope so. Cute little shoes like that pointy pair are not made for walking amongst hens. Anyway, I digress… what I wanted to say was that I’ve been working this look for years! Who knew I was so fashion forward? Here I am in a photo with an egg basket taken by Ben Fink in 2006.

photo by Ben Fink 2006

That’s 6 years ago! It’s about time the world of fashion caught up with me.

If a fashion shoot was taken at your barn, what would you be wearing, and what prop would be in your hand?

This year I’m into goat accessories. Do you think that will be the next trend?

photo by Spencer Webb


  1. I worry that woman’s legs will snap if she trips. Needs to get a few meals of toad-in-the-hole down her neck, if you ask me. I have always hoped animal poo will feature in somebody’s collection but it never does. It’s all owls here this year……

  2. I just came in from cleaning the coop in my lacy frock and stilettos, and sat down to read this awesome post. Tell me, where can I get a darling goat accessory like yours?

    • Oh, my! I DO like her neck jewelry. And of course her partner has mastered the art of manure forking in his off to a meetin’ ensemble. We have, here, at the lil postage stamp farm long ago come to the acceptance of poo everywhere as a fact of life. So it doesnt matter anymore what we wear. Those eggs just gave ma powerful appetite!

  3. I’m convinced something happened to the model, maybe behind the coop…
    she looks dazed and glazed.
    Oh my… this is a delightful wake-up post!
    Out at our barn, the fashion police would most likely find me in a long skirt,
    holding a broom, and definitely wearing a smile.

  4. This was a fantastic morning giggle! You are so hip! Maybe next year they will catch up to your bunny accessories, too.

  5. ROFL… Oh dear. That model never had chicken poop footprints on her clothes before. And you dress nicer than I do in the coop! Whew… I would forbid cameras :)))) ON my best fashion statement day in “The life of a chicken farmer woman”, It would have to be my crock Jellies shorts and a old T-shirt.
    – Being as you have all that natural fertilizer, I’d say a natural direction is figuring out more ways to grow food and maybe more :) How about Aquaponics? That’s what I want to do next.

    Many best wishes to you!
    Virginia (Gin)

  6. Looks more like Green Acres redux than American Gothic. I wish there was more appreciation of the work that goes into farming and animal keeping.

  7. A face like hers would scare the chickens into NOT laying! Looks more appropriate for the cover of a Stephen King novel.

  8. My husband and I were at the Honolulu airport coming home from vacation in early August and as we were going through security, a woman walked up behind us carrying a large egg basket, filled with her carry-on items. Of course I had to ask about it! She said she was carrying it through a NY airport years ago, and thought she might start a purse trend (maybe she did?)! This time though, she was carrying it with her as she moved to the South Pacific! I never knew that egg baskets are such a fashion trend. We are ahead of the curve!

  9. Thanks so much for the morning laugh! You made my day, They look like quite the pair of farmers. I bet he has no idea what to do with that rake and she’s hoping you’ll make her some breakfast!

  10. You are much nicer looking then the model. Love the goat access. Casper poses nicely.
    The “model” looks more like a robot and she has 2 different size legs and feet! She will never make it in the barnyard.

  11. This morning my flock of four pretended not to notice my outfit.

    I sported ancient J. Crew bear print pajama bottoms, a baggy mis-matched t-shirt and my shiny black & white houndstooth print knee high rainboots. I’m eclectic! A fashion photographer might think I went to far as to style my hair to match my Polish chickens, but it’s just bed-head.

    Celebrating cooler weather here in north Texas, happy fall everyone!

  12. In the London Olympics, the Czech team marched in the opening ceremonies wearing Wellies!

  13. My fashion acc. to the coop in the morning is a coffee can filled with kitchen scraps from the day before. It’s a huge hit with the girls.

  14. She looks like a stepford wife (scary!) and has anyone ever seen a man use a rake in a suit? Ever see that many eggs in one basket? Thank you for the laugh Terry.

  15. Gads! I just saw you are wearing nice drop earrings AND how bold and confident of you to be wearing WHITE PANTS!!!
    Lovely! and DARING!

  16. Between the post and the comments I was laughing out loud in my office!! Thanks for keepin’ it real Terry!!

  17. What a great way to start the day… I’m laughing so much I can’t eat my breakfast (probably more food that that model has eaten for a month).
    Her legs are weird! very weird!!! Someone’s done a bodge Photoshop job there.

    Must remember to change into my lacy cocktail dress and Jimmy Choos to muck out the coop.

    And I can’t wait to read the short story about the Stepford wife’s chicken empire.