The Boys Are Alright

photo by Spencer Webb

The boys are back to burping and head butting.

(This photo taken a couple of days before styling Pip’s beard Pepto-pink.)


  1. So glad to hear the boys are okay! I worry about your guys like I worry about mine. I’ve just had the first anniversary of getting my chooks and I can’t imagine life without them now. When mine are asleep I visit your gang and see Candy and the boys too – all precious!! Love your website

  2. I missed the Pepto post, and I am so glad I went back to read it, because now I know.
    I know what to keep a watch for, and I know I should be prepared to administer the pink stuff!
    Stay well, boys!

  3. Terry, saw the Twitter feed that Pip was doing much better late yesterday. So good to hear. This photograph is TOO CUTE!

  4. Glad to hear the boys are doing okay. Will you start to add baking soda to their diets know ? I also heard something about giving vingear to goats to combat bloat. But I don’t have time to research any more about it. Maybe your goat guide book can help. I take though that epsom salts can’t help like it can in chickens.

  5. Keep those wonderful photos coming!! I have no pets but sure do enjoy seeing pictures of others.

  6. Glad to hear that Pip is all better. Next time you let them out to roam and eat greens you’ll have to pay extra attention to the Pipster. Now Caper was again the wise one by not overeating. Very nice photo of them.

  7. Wonderful photo!
    By the way, was it difficult to “administer” the Pepto-Bismal?