Bumblebee Farm

All summer I ignored the pumpkin patch. It is no surprise that it looks like this:

Some years my benevolent neglect yields a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins. Not this time.

That is a pitifully small harvest. But it’s enough to decorate the driveway.

Perhaps if I’d cared for the pumpkin patch better I would have had a more bountiful crop. But then, I might have pulled up this weed:

Instead of growing pumpkins, I’m farming bumblebees.

The pumpkin patch is back in the meadow, so it’s easy to ignore the tangle of vegetation. However, I have flowers and herbs right next to the house that I do water and keep tidy. It took me only minutes to harvest those pumpkins, so I thought I’d take the time to deadhead the zinnias. I didn’t. I think I’ll rename my property Bumblebee Farm.


  1. I am so thrilled to have finally grown my own pumpkins. I am on a small city lot and I just tried right in a planter of roses and I have four nice size cinderella pumpkins. I have tried for 10 plus years. I think it was all the chicken compost. Love your mums and fall display.

  2. Beautiful pictures Terry. I love your optimism that even though you didn’t get a good crop of pumpkins you did get a beautiful weed that is attracting bumble bees.

  3. Sometimes weeds are very beautiful! Good pictures of the bumblebees!

    – I just finished reading “Adventures in Ecology” by Edith Clements; one of the photos’ caption says it is a sphinx moth pollinating a flower- but you can totally see a pin sticking out of the moth! Well, I guess cameras weren’t fast enough to catch bugs in action back in those days!

  4. Bumblebee Farm sounds like a worthwhile endeavor! I think we’re only getting two pumpkins from our small patch but that’s two more than last year.

  5. Love your pictures, I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s upliflifting :-) x