Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

It’s been muggy and hot here, so bad that the very thought of turning on the stovetop makes me wilt. If I could survive on iced tea and lemonade, I would. My appetite is down, but I still need to eat. This is the time of year when salads take the center of the stage in my kitchen, and when dinner can be as deceptively simple as tomatoes and mozzarella.

For this salad, I thickly sliced that one-pound Rose tomato and fanned it out on a plate. I sliced a round of fresh mozzarella, and alternated it with the tomato. I snipped basil and parsley from the garden and tucked the leaves in between the slices. I drizzled on my best olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar that is molasses-thick and sweet. A few grinds of salt and pepper completed the dish.

If this doesn’t seem like a full dinner to you, turn it into a sandwich (excellent on French bread.) Chop and toss with leftover cooked pasta for a salad. Or, serve as a side with leftover roasted chicken. But for me, on a hot summer night, this was all that I needed.



  1. Terry, is there a specific brand of balsamic vinegar that you could suggest? I have not found one at the local grocer that tastes good, I would even order on line to get a decent balsamic vinegar if you would not mind suggesting a brand. This looks and sounds so delicious.

  2. For everyday use Trader Joe’s balsamic is fine. The balsamic in this photo is really, really good, and was a gift, so I can’t trace it back. Look for balsamic aged a minimum of 5 years. Use sparingly!

  3. That’s what I will be eating all week. Lots of ripe tomatoes in the garden and temps of 105 to 108 this week. Plus ice water and chilled watermelon for the chickens! Terry, was that nasturtiums that you put in the hens run today?

    • Yes, I was tidying up the big planters by the kitchen door. The nasturtiums were looking sad, but Candy thought them delicious.