Old Hen Portraits

Character comes with age.

Twinkydink. Age 7.

Buffy. Age 6.

Eleanor. Age 7.


Edwina. Age 7.

Betsy. Age 5.

Despite not having feathers, Candy is the Grand Dame of the flock.

Candy. Age 8 1/2.



  1. LOVE THESE! Thank you for the exquisite close-ups of your “flock”! :)

  2. Although I like watching the chickens, Candy is my favorite non-fowl. I had 2 rabbits growing up and my children had rabbits too. They were litter box trained.

    • Candy lived in the houses for a year and was litter box trained. Much easier than training a dog to go out! Even outside she goes in only one of two spots. Quite tidy. Wish she could teach the hens…

  3. All so beautiful!! I must say I am rather partial to Buffy and the hen with the floppy ears and the cotton tail. Although they all have great qualities…I admire Betsy’s spunk!

    Quite a contrast between Elinor and Twinkydink and Edwina! Find out the secret of those two, bottle it and you’ll be richer than Bill Gates!

  4. Great pictures! Our birds won’t sit still for their portrait sessions…

  5. These are really smashing photos – love them. Don’t the Girls peck the camera in the hope it is tasty? I have visions of you down there in the straw, patiently kneeling in chicken poo whilst waiting for just the right moment….

    • The Gems do come right up at the camera. I have lots of blurry shots of them! But the old girls are too staid – and they know better! They can tell when I have food or not.

  6. Every time I see a picture of Candy I have such an urge to just squeeze her little cheeks! (Gently of course!!!) Worse than that, I want a bunny to join my flock. With so many hens, a few roosters and most recently acquired, goats, we cannot add even one more creature to our farm…sigh…. I love the old girls! I have four left that are from the original group we got in 2008. I hope they last many more years…they are precious.

  7. These are absolutely great! Edwina looks bright and vibrant for seven. Of course, Candy is as adorable now as she was as a bunny. Age has been good to her.

  8. No midlde age picture for Tina Turner and Siouxsie ? Acourse knowing them they would knock themselves out with you trying to take a picture of them at that close range.