Incredible Expanding Goat Bellies

My goats’ preferred food is bulky and coarse (and thorny!) I don’t have a large pasture for the boys, but I do have a small meadow that I manage with a portable electric netted fence. I let them eat one section down, while the other becomes overgrown with what you might consider weeds, but that they see as gourmet fare. I recently moved the fence to let Pip and Caper have access to brambles, grasses and flowers.

The boys could never be considered svelte.

Yet I am always amazed at what happens to their bodies when they eat – which they do, with much loud munching and burping.

Look at Caper’s asymmetrical shape after a half-hour of grazing! (That’s his rumen – one of four stomachs – jutting out.)

I guess that when a belly gets that full, that one gets itchy. Lucky Caper, the rock in the paddock hits exactly the right spot.



  1. You should rent them out to your neighbors to “mow” their lawns! They not only cut the grass…they fertilize it….

  2. I didn’t realize their tummies expanded like that after eating brush and foliage. Must be part of their digestion and re-digestion process as ruminates. Aren’t the sounds delightful? I’ve heard the burping & other sounds/smells. But you can’t help but adore them. Your two boys are the cutest goats. I just love them and enjoy watching them daily.

  3. Here at home we love your goat video – the lap goats. Thank you for sharing. They are so cute.