True Blues

There are plenty of purple flowers in my garden, but very few true blues. I’m eager for the Endless Summer hydrangea to go into full bloom, but right now, the tips of the petals are turning blue and there’s a delicate beauty about the plant.

The delphinium is showing true blue.

But by far the blue I most like to see in the garden is this:

There won’t be an abundant crop this year. The drought early in the spring stressed the plants, and then someone (not the chipmunk who is the usual culprit) has not been waiting for ripe berries, but has already stripped most of the branches bare. I’m hoping that real blueberry farmers are having a better year. I’ll find a pick-your-own farm and fill baskets with blues.


  1. Terry, When the color blue appears it’s great. rare color in nature.
    I feel your pain on the blueberries.
    I have blackberry, raspberry and blueberry bushes and 1/2 a plum tree. I rarely get to enjoy the harvest, as soon as something is ripe the robins beat me to it.
    My tomato plants are wonderful this year and if the rabbits beat me to them it will be war!!!!

  2. My tomatoes are crazy this year. I can’t believe how many I have compared to last year…and the cucumbers? Out of control! I am excited to try some new recipes with them!

  3. Have yet to hear how our organic wild blueberry farm fared with this bizarre weather. We usually pick and freeze 80 lbs each year. I sure hope we can get that amount this year.

    My favorite deep blue is Crystal Palace lobelia.