1. Oh gosh that made me laugh! Great photo. I see that look every day on my girls, but never have captured it that well.

  2. Please make a card of that one. I would love to send it to people.

    • Joyce,
      Good idea I’d buy a box and the caption could be: what’s up?, How you doing?, Long time no see!

  3. Hilarious! And a little bit alarming- that’s the last thing some insects ever see!

  4. me to Jasper:
    Wow! What big wattles you have, my dear!
    Jasper to me:
    Better to show off my jasper(not pearl) necklace with.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a great picture. Did you dangle an earthworm in front of the camera?

  6. WOW !!! Jasper looks like the one that chased me out of the chicken pen when I was little.