An Old Hen’s Surprise

Twinkydink hatched in the early spring of 2005. She is really, really old.

I can’t remember the last time she laid an egg.

But, the other day she spent a long morning in the nesting box. And when she came out, this was there.

It’s a funny, pointy, triangularly shaped egg. If there was a senior olympics for hens, she just won the gold.


  1. They are really full of surprises! That looks like a large egg!

  2. That is so amazing, never say never! Go Twinkydink, it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

  3. She has such beautiful eyes. What a great surprise–Yaay Twinkydink!!!

  4. It just goes to show you, these hens can really surprsie you. It may have surprised her, too. Good for her. There’s no telling how long it will be before she does that again.

  5. We have an older hen, 04-05 vintage, and I’m sure she is laying the occasional egg. She still puts up a fight for a nest, and I just went out to shut their door, and that old Cougar is sleeping in the same nest with one of the yearling roosters, Cotton Candy! Candy’s former girlfriend, and mother of his 3 chicks, (!!!) is now sleeping alone in the nest nest to them. Candy’s brother, Lover’s Revenge, used to sleep in the box next to CC and his girl, but now he’s in a nest on the other side, all alone.

    Lots of Chicken Drama hear in The Hollow! My daughter is getting a wonderful education in relationships!! LOL!

  6. My grandma had my uncle when she was 50. I’m just saying….