Happy Face

Today’s post about Agnes and end of life decisions was difficult, serious, important. Sad. It took me a long time to put into words what  I needed to say. I appreciate all of your support, both for the loss, and for my writing about a topic that is hard to get down and hard to get right.

My blog is just a small window into what goes on in my backyard. The thing about sharing my life with animals and having a garden, is that there is so much complexity in this small place that I live, that there might be sadness in one corner, but when I turn my head, there is something else to see that is beautiful and soul-satisfying.

And then there are the goats. So far, the goats have been nothing but sheer, hilarious fun. I’m sure there will be difficult days with the boys, too. Someday. But not today. This photo was taken this afternoon.

No one can wallow in their sorrows when one has goats to spend time with.


  1. What a cue face! I was offered a goat today, but I still enjoy having my husband around. So I had to politely decline. He’s still in shock about the chickens, and it’s been about 7 years!

    • Hard to turn down a goat, but you really need to have two, anyway. Goats need goat buddies. Now, if someone offers you a pair…

  2. Oh, what a silly face! I just love Pip (and Caper, too). He’s a beautiful goat with such great expressions. He does seem to always be smiling, but I’ve seen him sleep, eat & chew too. Today he followed his brother back and forth from the barn to the side yard to wait for you to tuck him and Caper in. Another great photo. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. How cute! My boys get such a kick out of watching your animals on webcam – I frequently get play by play updates while I make breakfast.

  4. I just want to say thank you for the last post and this one. It has helped me feel a little better. I had to make the decision for my 21 week old Ellie on Saturday. she had a really bad prolapse with an egg stuck in it. We did everything we could and she was in so much pain. She was the first one I’ve ever had to make the decision for. Again, thank you and I’m sorry for your loss.

  5. Can’t help but smile when looking at the adorable faces of those goats!

  6. What a face! The petting area at the zoo where all the goats run around is my sons favorite place to be! He is very gentle with them and is drawn to the very young ones. I can only imagine how much fun it is to have them living in your back yard.