Ta-Dah! A Revamped HenCam

It’s been a long time in the making, and the revamped HenCam is finally up. There’s a charming new facade and a cheerful logo. Behind the good looks there has been a major reorganization. A priority in the redesign was to improve navigation. The homepage has sidebars so you can see what’s new and interesting at HenCam. There is an obvious, expandable page for FAQs. The FAQ page also has a place for recipes! Events are more clearly listed, and there are pages to explain what my programs are and how to book me.

I’m very excited about adding a second blog, The Vintage Hen! I have a collection of vintage chicken-related objects and ephemera. Now I have a place to share it with you. I’ve also been working on other projects that have led me to do research on our relationship with farm animals. I’m especially interested in women’s work at the turn of the last century. I have photographs that will delight and make you think.

There’s still a lot to do. I’ve already written and posted new FAQs, but I have a list of a dozen more topics that I want to post soon. I now have two blogs to write (one might require me to go to a flea market to be inspired!) Eventually, there will also be a HenCam online store. (Which will sell, among other things, a book I’ve been working on.)

My IT Guy/husband still has lots of glitches to iron out. It’s been crunch-time these last few days. I can’t help with the computer stuff, so I made Rhubarb-Peach Pie yesterday. I’m keeping him fortified! Steve isn’t doing this alone, and there have been two professionals who have worked tirelessly to get HenCam up in it’s new incarnation. Craig, at Edge Design, did the design (and my happy dancing hen logo) and Tim at CodeBrick did the coding. They’re still working (on the west coast, or they’d be eating pie, too.) I’m still writing. Except, right now I have to get outside and weed. Somewhere around 700 people will be touring the property next Friday and Saturday for the Concord Museum Garden Tour. I have a lot to do before they come. Will you be here?


As you can see, I’ve been juggling a lot of projects. I am so fortunate that I have people behind me helping to see them to fruition. I hope that you enjoy what we’ve been up to!



  1. Bravo, Terry (and Steve)!!! The site looks terrific! I can see all your love and attention in it, and also, how rewarding the work has been. This will really put a new face on hencam, and introduces an enhanced era of growth in your farm life. It’s a wonderful thing to share so much, with so many. Warmest regards — Judith

  2. What a wonderful new site. I love every bit of it, especially the animal bios that really help me figure out who I am looking at. Felt better that you have a hard time differentiating some of the girls. And we will have cheese puff with greens for dinner this week. I have been meaning to search for that recipe an viola! Congratulations on all your hard work — it’s really terrific.

  3. Wow! What a Herculean task. Your hard work (all of you) really shows. I love the new format, easier to find articles and information. I love the updated bio page, just marvelous.

  4. Its beautiful! I love the new style. Looks like it was a lot of work. Your team did a great job. Its refreshing. I like the colors and especially the newer chicks bio. I could never remember who was who. Its 95 degrees in St. Louis today so me and the hens are staying in the shade and trying to stay cool. Thanks for all the hours of entertainment. I’ll enjoy it in the air conditioning today!

  5. Very nice Terry! I love the new vintage photo blog. I have a vintage photo of my long deceased grandmother when she was a younger woman with her chickens.

    Love all the bios and pics of the animals also. Especially the pic of the goat boys playing.

  6. Oh, this is just wonderful! Ya’ll did a great job here, or at least your DH did. Love how the camera doesn’t go half black every few seconds and seems smoother as well. Do you share your pie recipe? Thanks for sharing your animals with us.

  7. The revised site is great. Although, I liked the old one too. The changes are definitely positive and useful. I especially like the photos and new on-line shopping we’ll be able to do. It was worth the effort and time involved. I have not seen it all yet but am continuing to look and admire it. Thank you, Terry et al for a job very well done.

  8. Thanks, everyone!
    Dianne, I usually just wing my fruit pies – no recipe used. I had rhubarb from the garden, peaches in the freezer from last winter, and a butter pie crust. I made a walnut-oat-brown sugar streusel topping. Maybe next time I’ll write down the recipe (of course, next time, the pie will be different…)

  9. The new site is lovely, Terry. Congratulations! I would love to come on your garden tour, but Australia is a long way away! I will keep reading with enjoyment and interest.

  10. The new site designs are fabulous. Thank you. Even the views of animals are more precise. Just now I opened up the outside hencam to see my favorite bunny hopping in the hay and rolling down to relax under the chicken walkway. Thanks to you and everyone (e.g. pie-paid Steve) for all your hard work!

    • Steve is improving the speed of the cam. It’s actually a very difficult and costly problem to solve, but he is. It’s already faster, and will get better in the next month.

  11. Well done, Terry and crew! It’s beautiful and a joy to use. Everything is very clear. Rowan says, “It’s pretty great!”

  12. oh thank you! Hawaii is a long way too! I have been wanting to see more of your garden. How is the asparagus coming along?
    Congratulations on the new site! I really missed my morning visits while you were working on it!

  13. Oh my gosh, wonderful update. Love the new photos of the girls – the new photos show their beautiful colors.

  14. Love the new look Terry! The Hen Cam looks better than ever! x

  15. Mazel! And thank you so much, this is a gift that keeps on giving.

  16. I’m watching Candy on the ground and a white chicken inside Candy’s hutch. How does she feel about that? Does she scoot up the ramp and chase it outside? Just curious.

  17. Thanks for all of your nice comments!
    Zan, when Candy was young she didn’t let anyone in her hutch, but she’s mellowed with age and she and Betsy (the white hen) are friends, so she’s allowed in.

  18. Blimey look at you now! Very smart, I knew it would look good. I’m waiting eagerly for Duplicatot….

  19. Buffy is on her perch in the middle of the day. Does she go back up or is she having trouble getting down? I remember you were helping her.

    • I help her down in the morning and put her by the feed. When the other hens rush outside she gets to eat peacefully by herself. During the day she comes and goes, and gets on and off the roost on her own.