Ideas Into Reality

I’ve promised and promised, and finally, the redesigned web site is almost here. It seems that with everything that I do, the idea seems simple, but the execution is far more complicated and challenging than I’d imagined. Luckily, I have skilled people around me who know how to take my ideas and turn them into reality.

For example, how hard could it be to take a 17-ton rock that already has a hole through it and turn it into a water feature?


The results are always worth the trouble.

Creating the revised HenCam has been even more challenging than moving that rock. There weren’t any templates that fit what I had in mind. A designer was hired. A technical guy was hired. Steve taught himself how to code web sites. Even with three professionals on the job, it has not been easy.

(I’ve been working, too! I’ve been writing lots of new material.)

We’re at the end of the project. In the next few days we’re moving 6+ years of content onto the new HenCam. During the transition, it would be easier for the team if I stop blogging and responding to your comments, so let’s all take a short break.

Have a great week, and I’ll see you on Monday. With this.


  1. Hurray! Can’t wait to see the new site. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Me too, excited to see the new site! Have a great weekend Terry!

  3. Wonderful! As one geek to another…Good luck with the conversion, Steve!

  4. Ha! I thought I recognized that rock. That’s the BEAST’s rock. So glad you’ve got all this excitement going on. Can’t wait to see the new HENCAM SITE!!!!

  5. WOO HOO!! Have a wonderful weekend filled with technical successes!!!

  6. It sounds like you have a great team working with you. I’m sure the successful conversion will justify a big celebration at Little Pond Farm! Best of luck this week. See you Monday.

    BTW, I like your new frisky chicken (happy hen?) graphic.

  7. Hope that bullfrog of yours is as happy with the website as with the rock! Tell Steve his drinking buddy wishes him good luck with the handover…

  8. Good luck, looking forward to seeing the new we site. Have a good weekend. The weather in England has finely turned to summer.

  9. I can’t believe that rock! I do like the way you think, Terry -lots of ideas and grand visions!!

  10. Where is Buffy? She is usually on the roost inside the coop. I hope you she is allright?

    • I also look out for Buffy. Think your girls are psychic. I always say gday to em when I see them and they often turn to look into the lens. Connected! Good luck with the technology and have a great weekend. Hope the Buffsters ok!

  11. How thoughtful, Terry, for us and for the girls who are enjoying searching for bugs in the weeds, twigs and branches that you have placed in their run on camera!