Chicken Planters and Chickens Planted

There’s been a lot of planting going on around here.

I’ve splurged on new pottery, bags of good soil, and lush plants (no sagging, sorry, spindly ones from the bargain bin this year!)

I always have a large selection of basil planted by the kitchen door.

I’ve filled pots with flowers and placed them are all around the house. These are on the back steps:

Perennials have gone into bare spaces in the flower bed near the meadow. The last remaining spots in the vegetable garden were filled today with peppers and an eggplant.

Most of the digging has required only a hand trowel, but sometimes a shovel won’t do the job. The pumpkin patch was a tangle of tough turf. It needed turning. First, the toads and garter snakes had to be shooed out of the way. Then, Steve and son used a behemoth of a borrowed rototiller to cut through the sod.

When they were done, it was easy to dig a few holes for the pumpkins and butternut squash.

Once that task was complete, a few more holes needed to be filled. What should I plant in these?




  1. I love your chicken plants! Mine tend to be a little high maintenance! lol

  2. Is that where chickens come from…….who would a thunk it! I’ll have to go to the farm store and pick up some chicken “seeds”. :) I love your new website.

  3. Love the new web site and love this post. Everything looks wonderful from the planters to the chickens.

  4. Those chickens are just too hilarious!! I’m sure they think you made the holes just for them.

  5. I love the clay hen pots w/ bright flowers. Okay, the live hens are pretty cute too. They just couldn’t resist. They probably thought those holes were for them. It’s looking great.

  6. As I was planting this spring I thought of you as I needed one of the girls to take care of the bugs and grubs I unearthed. I live in a metro area, so chickens aren’t on the cards for me due to zoning and the fox that chased my poor cat out of the woods last week. Thanks for sharing your flock and your beautiful garden, albeit virtually!

  7. Your yard is beautiful, ready for the garden tour! Can’t wait to see the video version.

  8. Love your new website, Terry! And your yard looks amazing. Can’t wait to hear how the garden tour turns out!