Chicken Socks and a Disappearing May

Where did May go? This month has been crowded with events, work and visitors. I haven’t been able to blog much – either I didn’t have a moment or I was far from high-speed WiFi. Like here:

Last week I drove 1,000 miles out to Le Roy, NY and back. I spent two days at the Leroy Historical Society and Jell-O Gallery, doing research (not on Jell-O, but their museum is fascinating, and tour guide Ruth is a delight.) On the way to Leroy I stopped at The Farmer’s Museum to give a talk on chicken keeping. The museum is home to the Empire State Carousel.

There are one-of-a-kind animals to ride on. There’s a chicken!

With eggs on his saddle.

The museum has farm animals from the mid-nineteeth century, including Dominique hens and sheep. It’s lambing season!

The gift shop has the best socks, ever.

I told Donna, the store manager, that a few of my readers might want to purchase those socks. She said “no problem, call me and I’ll ship.” So, here’s her number. 607-547-1493 Tell her that I sent you.

I’ll be wearing those socks to a school visit tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have a garden to get ready for the Concord Museum Garden Tour. So, May continues to be crazy-busy, but now that I’m back home and on the internet, I’ll be able to get back to blogging.


  1. Thank you for the eye candy. I feel a family road trip coming on!

  2. All very beautiful. We Tourism through you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wait. “eggs on his saddle”? His?! Looks like a hen to me.

  4. Those socks rock . . . . I called Donna and there were only 2 pair left!!! I got those and backordered 2 more! love, love, love them . . . . thanks

  5. Wow. You have been busy! Thanks for the link to the museum. It’s fascinating, and ya gotta love Charlotte. As always, your photos are beautiful. Glad to have you back, Terry.