Hot Dog

Scooter loves hot weather. If he were a sensible dog like Lily, I’d let him enjoy it. But he’s not. He likes to sunbathe. He plops down on the back step in a bright spot, and stretches his skinny little body out as long as it can go. He’d bake himself until limp if I let him, but dogs can get heatstroke, and I’ve found him on the verge. So, I’ve been limiting his tanning sessions and shushing him off the step. I was pleased the other day when I let him outside, and instead of flopping down in the sun, he trotted across the lawn. Maybe he’d gotten the message!

But, no, I guess he’s a tad more clever than I give him credit for.

When I called the dogs in, this is how he looked. He had been over at the pond, baking himself on a sun-heated rock.

Scooter, I’m onto you!


  1. Our big dog suns herself on the hot driveway. I have never been concerned but if I see her panting I bring her in. She is getting much older now so I am more careful about the heat here for her.

  2. But… what she lacks in good sense she makes up for in cuteness.

    BTW, there’s a sparrow inside your chick cam barn.

  3. Sorry, I know Scooter is a boy. Don’t know what I was thinking.

    Also, never mind on the bird. Gone now. Aargh. I’m two for two today. Need more coffee.

  4. My silly boy. One advatange of him sunny next to the pond if he gets too hot it’s a quick dunk to cool him off.

  5. Oh, all the nest boxes are full in the Hencam Barn! Did they all decide to try and lay eggs?

  6. I think he wants to go fishing too. I betcha he and Lily both have eaten goldfish from the pond without anyone knowing before.

  7. I love Scooter!!! He’s so beautiful and such a cutieeeee! It would be nice to see scooter plopping down on a bright spot in a photograph. I must say scooter has a whopper of a curl in his tail. Maybe I would advise a nice little doggy cap when he’s on the bright spot x

  8. Lovely blog! Loving all the chicken info. I have been raising chickens for 6 years now and I would not trade it for the world :D